An Annual Report is more than just a way of publishing your institution’s facts and figures. It’s a chance to celebrate your organisation’s achievements and explain plans to build on them for the future. As well as being a legal requirement, published documents and reports provide a clear and creative object of interest for your team members, clients and stakeholders to hold onto and use for reference. 

Our creative team has a strong track record within the HEI sector for delivering visually attractive and engaging reports and publications.

Take a look below at some of the recent projects we’ve worked on with HEI membership organisation BUFDG and see how you can benefit from our experience and expertise.

What can we do for you?

We have a long history of working in the HEI sector, partnering with broad stakeholder teams and everything that entails, including dealing with multiple sources of feedback and balancing the needs of different areas in order to get a result that works well for everybody. 

We can streamline and ease your project along by providing a complete fulfilment process. This means we are happy to manage the process, through design to delivery and everything in between. Having a single point of contact for design, print and delivery will simplify the project and means you can focus on feedback and getting the exact content you want. 

As part of the creation of your report or publication, our creative team of designers and illustrators will work on delivering original, visually exciting layouts. Dynamic and interesting artwork can breathe life into dry or dense content. It can also help reflect your brand more clearly and emphasise the tone and style of the overall publication in a unique and captivating way.

Through our extensive experience we have the expertise to create engaging data-driven reports and visuals for effective communication of information and statistics. In addition to annual reports incorporating dozens of complex graphs, we have also created large print runs consisting of individualised figures and charts tailored to different members.

Through our work with BUFDG we have experience of utilising the Integrated Reporting framework (IR) to show an institution’s holistic aims and the many varied capitals it can utilise and evaluate, showing the positive patterns and directions it is moving in. This helps to clarify communications between diverse or complex institutions where publications will be reaching a diverse audience with varying areas of interest. 

Through our personalised approach to working with clients to create the best possible project outcome for you, we can tailor the content and information as needed to present institutional financial information to the desired audience in a relevant and effective manner.

Understanding University Finance

BUFDG approached us to work with them in designing and illustrating their recent publication, Understanding University Finance, an update to their 2011 An Insider’s Guide to Finance and Accounting in Higher Education

By incorporating illustrative elements throughout the guide, each associated with the different sections and subject matter, we were able to deliver a visually creative solution for what can often be construed as a fairly dry subject.

BUFDG were delighted with the end result and have had great feedback from members, with the online PDF version downloaded over 1,500 times in the days after its release.

FD Engagement Report

The purpose of the FD Engagement Reports is to highlight the interaction members of BUFDG have through the website and how they compare with other member HEIs within their band. 

We have developed a robust way of processing the data BUFDG supply in order to generate individual member reports.

These highlight different metrics measured over the year to help show the value of membership to the members and help them understand their overall engagement with the services BUFDG provides.

BUFDG Annual Report

BUFDG are strong proponents of the Integrated Reporting framework  to underpin their publications including their own Annual Reports. 

We have helped to create original visuals and illustrations that help tell the story of the organisation.

The benefits of such a framework and associated creative visual approach are that readers are more engaged in the report and able to understand the organisation’s journey more easily.

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Our Approach

1. Research

Every project requires a solid foundation. We don’t want to assume anything, so at this stage we ask as many questions as possible to get a full understanding of what our client wants to accomplish.

Focusing on their business goals, mission, values and brand equity; competing brands; and their intended audience, we want to build a detailed picture of the problem before developing a solution.

2. Outline

Once we have clarified the problem and have a detailed understanding of the range of factors affecting it, we define a statement of intent. This provides clear direction for the project and lays out the expectations of each party involved in the project.

The outline also acts as a gauge against which we can measure progress during the project as well as the success of the project’s final outcomes. Where elements have not been defined it is very difficult to measure success.

3. Create

With our comprehensive research completed and a clear outline of what we are looking to achieve defined, we get down to the creative work of developing a solution.

This involves an iterative approach of creating solutions and gaining helpful feedback to refine and hone them towards a final outcome, using our statement of intent to keep the work focused and on track.

4. Deliver

Depending on the type of service we are providing and the client we are working with, the delivery can vary from project to project. In all instances we make sure that the outcomes are measured against our initial statement of intent and client expectations.

A project is signed off once its objectives have been accomplished and agreed expectations have been met. This is always the exciting part of our work - to see it come to a successful conclusion and know that are clients are delighted with the result.

5. Support

We love to partner with our clients on a continual basis where this is possible to help them overcome challenges as they grow and develop. Our ongoing support involves strategic thinking beyond the end result of a project.

We actively identify the ways in which we can help our clients achieve their long-term business goals; keeping them informed of new developments in our industry that can help them to accomplish this.

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