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Meet the team – Ollie

Over the next few months we will be introducing you to our team!

Today we start off with Ollie, who is on placement from Loughborough University in our Web Development Team.

What do you like most about your role?

The thing I like most about my role is seeing the final outcome of a project or tasks that I have been working on.

What do you do when you aren't at CWS?

When not at CWS I am normally coaching swimming. If not I will be eating or sleeping.

What has been your best holiday?

Glastonbury Festival.

What is the worst film you have ever seen?


What is your favourite quote?

Only regret the things you didn’t do, not the things you did

What is your favourite place to eat?


What's the most important thing you've learnt in your current role?

When producing a project, look for common components within the design so that you don't repeat code.

How do you relax best?

Watch TV shows or play video games.

Got an upcoming project?

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