Cms Content Management System

Content Management Systems

One of the biggest causes of old or outdated content on your website is non-existent or an overly complicated content management system. We recognise that it doesn’t matter how beautiful and well built your website is, if you can’t update it later, then any work we do can quickly become out of date. We want to help you find a way of managing your web content which every member of your team is happy and confident in using.

Flexible design with simple solutions

Every website we build is created to be flexible and simple to use. We design and build with a modular/component mindset, which simply means that every part of a page is crafted from well designed components or building blocks. Our content management gives you the flexibility to include content, images, video as well as any bespoke features such as pulling in case studies, customer testimonials through to including any call to actions you wish to include.

How do we build your site?

For each project we meet with you and your team to get a clear understanding of what you need. This helps us to build up a sitemap and outline the specific functions required from each page. Certain pages will need more functions than others so we can create an agreed upon page template which will contain specific components each with a key function that you require.

It may be that you need a unique contact form, a profile of a staff member or a calendar and events feature. Each function can be built into a unique block or component which will work seamlessly when stacked with other components within a page template. 

By choosing from a list of blocks, and simply dragging and dropping them into the desired order, you can build pages to your exact specification. Changing the order of these blocks means that you can create unique page layouts with huge variety, without losing the structure. This will help you to stay on brand and keep design quality high.

Each block or component will be shown to you at the design phase, with any aesthetic changes or style issues amended before the build, saving you both time and money at later stages.

Backend Of The Website

Introducing you to your website

We work in partnership with you to make sure that you are comfortable in your ability to edit and change content on your site. We will help teach you how to populate your site with content and give you tips on how to create pages which will be SEO friendly.

One of our team will be able to take you through the administration area of your new site and show you just how simple editing is. All our clients have been pleasantly surprised at the ease of which they have been able to implement changes and just how intuitive the interface of the content management system is. They love updating their websites.

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