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Content Strategy Service

What is Content Strategy?

Content strategy concerns itself with the planning and creation of content. By content we are referring to anything contained on the page. This pertains not only to text but also any images or any multimedia included. It has an impact on the user experience as your client will value content which is not only useful but also well structure and easy to find.

What needs to be considered.

Creating content can be challenging and time consuming, but good content can boost traffic to your site exponentially. Using a strategy helps us to plan well, identifying what content you may have which exists already, what your users would benefit from you creating and most importantly why you should create it.

Content Strategy components can be split into two different areas of components:

Content-oriented Components

This is where we identify your goals and substance. It’s helpful to ask what key content is needed to deliver my core strategy? This may mean defining your tone of voice, who your audience and any messaging architecture. It is also where we would decide on structure, working out how you will prioritise and organise content, with a strong focus on the content itself. (this strongly links to content hierarchy)

People-oriented Components

As the name suggests, this is a strategy concerned with managing how your organisation will create and maintain content on a day to day basis, who has what role and any task and tools they need. It also concerns itself with any guidelines or policies individuals will need to follow in order to sustain your strategy and create content effectively.

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