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Copywriting for Content Creation Service

Creating content which increases your reach

When it comes to writing copy for websites, pages which are looking to generate more traffic online have the additional requirement of consideration of SEO or search engine optimisation.

SEO Copywriting is a particularly specialised form of copywriting as it has to not only persuade and show the attention to detail expected with normal print copy, but it also must contain keywords and key phrases which will draw in the search terms your target reader will type into their preferred search engine when looking for the information they want. In addition good SEO copywriting will increase your online ranking within those search results, so your company or organisation will appear higher up in the search listing than those with worse SEO.

To be considered good, SEO copywriting can not now merely involve fitting as many key phrases you can think of into a single page on your site. This used to be common practise and is commonly known as ‘keyword stuffing’, however it is no longer how search engines choose which copy is worthy of their coveted top rankings. They have become smarter and with it have created a specialist niche for those who write SEO copy as SEO factors change each year as technology improves. As well as including search terms, these search engines are now sophisticated enough to be able to recognise what they consider to be high quality content based off a number of factors.

With this in mind it is wise to consider utilising a service which offers SEO copywriting as they should be able to not only create copy which is engaging and well written. They will know how to include additional key words and key phrases without causing their writing to feel heavy handed, unintelligible, repetitive or too circumspect. They will maintain the conversion focus within the writing whilst simultaneously successfully meeting the various SEO factors which will guarantee better ranking.

How Do SEO Copywriters Add Value?

The additional support from a professional copywriter will add value to your site. As expertly crafted copy, which increases your search ranking should mean it is your content which drives an increase in traffic to your site, rather than having to spend on online advertising. Then once this additional traffic has found your site, the professional, engaging copy will be both enjoyable and enlightening, providing a dual service as it encourages and persuades them to the action you wish them to take. Really accomplished copy will not only generate more visitors to your site, but also targeted users who are most likely to engage with your product or service or find in your site exactly what they were looking for.

Content Services to help you stand out from from your competition

At CWS we offer a range of content marketing services designed to help your brand / website stand out. Our content services include:

  • Website Copywriting
  • Blog Articles
  • Social Media Posts
  • Illustration Assets
  • Content / Tone-of-voice Audits
  • Creating Landing Pages
  • Keyword Research
  • Photography & Video Production

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