Data and Market Research Service

A Data Driven Approach

We are a data driven agency because we know that more insights gives us better control and more targeted results. We use various types of market research including, web analytics, social media insights and data analysis to find out as much as we possibly can. By understanding the behaviour and interactions your users have with you or your site, we can better tailor your services, web design or digital marketing campaigns.

By using data we help to build an objective picture. We engage in user research free from bias and based in the actual interactions and engagement from your customers. Using data gathered from a range of SEO tools and analytics will help us explore the real user experience rather then relying on unproven assumptions. Challenging beliefs around your business and forcing you to discard perceptions which are not based in fact helps to generate better decision making. Informed decision making helps build better campaigns, reduce frictions or pinch points in user experience and ultimately increase traffic and revenue.

Generating Buy in

Providing statistical evidence can helps defend decisions made which need initial buy in from stakeholders or other areas of leadership. Showing the clear rational data driven arguments can justify expense where rhetoric might fail. Additionally it can set clear targets to measure the success of a campaign through providing percentage increases or map changes in customer behaviour. Comprehensive market research and clear data analysis can help set achievable and predictable benchmarks for your business to keep moving forward in a way you can forecast. It also can generate figures and facts for PR and internal encouragement for other areas of your team.

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