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Digital Marketing Strategy

What is a Digital Marketing Strategy?

A digital marketing strategy is a comprehensive plan that works to define strategic company goals and then develops a clear framework and set of actions to meet them. These actions will involve using specific marketing channels, be they paid, earned, owned or a combination of all three. 

Digital marketing without strategy is simply not going to be as effective as tackling the digital world with a clear plan. A good digital marketing strategy will result in greater brand awareness, improve engagement and traffic to your website and ultimately this will positively impact sales.

How can a Digital marketing strategy grow your organisation?

Having a digital marketing strategy means that you can have a clear pathway forward which takes into account all possible marketing channels. It helps you to know what resources are needed when ahead of time to more effectively budget and spot potential issues ahead of time. 

Our approach to digital marketing bases our strategy off of data and by using tools such as visitor personas, decision making is based around your customers behaviour and not our own assumptions. This helps us to make sure we are effectively communicating your company’s USPs in the best way possible.

Our approach 

Each of our clients are different and will have unique needs for our service to meet. However we have found the following approach is a tried and tested strategy for getting the best results for your business from our Digital Marketing Strategy Service.

Research, Strategy and Planning 

In order to create a comprehensive data driven digital strategy, we have to first gather as much information as possible. By using audits to assess the current state of your digital presence and marketing we can build up a picture of your current or past successes and what areas exist that are in need of improvement. From this we can begin to shape objectives for your strategy so that we can have a rough framework to focus on before we start to focus on detail.


Once we have established where the need is and some  parameters for success, we will begin to work out the best way of achieving these goals. The development phase is about generating ideas, building the overall strategy and making a clear plan. Within this we will construct customer personas which allow us to keep your target audience central to our creative process. This will enable you to take decisions on which channels to target and what sort of content will perform best on those channels. Within any digital marketing there is some level of experimentation and so we may gather further insight into your business through digital workshops or creative workshops.

Implementation and Optimisation

Once our strategy is outlined we will then start implementing the plan. This may involve the generation or creation of digital assets or copy. Additionally we can work with your team to establish marketing automation where repetitive tasks which can feel time consuming are streamlined through specialist tools.

Any strategy implementation will be an ongoing process, and so a part of our strategy will be about optimising your digital presence as well as creating it. We can explore options such as review management to help make sure we are keeping your brand protected as your engagement and views increase.

Measuring, Evaluating and Reporting

As our digital marketing strategy starts to yield results, it’s important that you are being informed of these. Month campaign reporting, performance reviews and monthly meetings can all help us to show the achievements of last month's digital marketing. Our digital reporting helps to clearly illustrate any trend over time so that any growth can be tracked effectively. This helps you to understand any return on investment and also enables this to be fed back to key stakeholders and investors. 

Another key aspect of performance reviews is of course to assess where improvements can be made. The digital world is always changing and never staying still. Having consistent feedback and analysis of how our strategy is performing helps to keep your business ahead of the curve and building on each success.

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