Graphic Design Agency Leicester

How can our experienced graphic design team help you?

The CWS graphic design team have built their considerable breadth of experience over many years. Our graphic design work is always effective and exciting, whether it's for smaller scale businesses based in and around Leicester, or larger scale businesses needing bespoke and creative solutions. We know that good design can translate into greater success, and we can help provide you with a quality design service that will continue to work with you as you go from strength to strength.

We believe that graphic design is important. Whether you have a greater focus online or offline, we can tailor our solutions across whichever platforms or materials best suit you. We will strengthen your business brand through effective communication with your customers and team. Our approach is built around clear targets written with you and set together so that the final outcome will deliver the best experience of your brand and the right impression.

We help businesses and organisations, both national and international, creating diverse work across different sectors. Our work serves to strengthen your brand, communicating your voice, values and message to a wider audience. We love to partner and collaborate as fully as possible with our clients and focus our bespoke workshop sessions to explore your brand and company ethos. This allows us to identify what will help you most effectively, so that our work can deliver the greatest results. Whether you need to develop a more reflective visual identity, or if you're looking to reassess your entire business branding, we can help.

Making an impact outside of Leicester

Why is graphic design and visual communication important?

When it comes to standing out from your competitors, good design can be a key factor in setting you apart. Consistency is vital in fostering familiarity and loyalty to your product or service from your customer base. We offer a range of services and can fulfil your graphic design needs through our experienced creative team. We offer the following services: 

  • Brand development, including auditing your existing branding. Whether an evolution of your existing brand is required or a full refresh, our initial exploratory work will help to clarify the scope of work required.
  • Building a more comprehensive set of brand guidelines, ensuring that as your company grows your brand is not diluted and that marketing remains high quality and consistent.
  • Creation of marketing materials. From a beautifully tactile print design campaign including brochures and leaflets, to a professional and comprehensive set of images for your upcoming social media and digital marketing campaign, we can help you convey your message clearly. With our cross-platform approach we can help you reach as many potential and existing customers as possible.
  • Our content design and copywriting service can help you develop and hone your company's voice. It is crucial to set the tone of communication with your customers and whilst we can set clear guidelines, we can also deliver high quality content that is in keeping with the experience you want to give your customers.
  • Point of sale (POS) and packaging design for your products that will cause them to stand out for all the right reasons. Whether locally in Leicester, or elsewhere, we can give careful consideration to packaging solutions that will uphold your brand and help sell your products effectively.

Graphic design solutions built for you

Why are we the best choice in Leicester for you? 

Our graphic design team has over 20 years of creative design experience across branding, illustration and visual communication. We are always eager to use our knowledge to encourage you, equip your team and business, and to build your brand in the best possible way. We love to develop long-term partnerships with our customers, meaning that we want your working with us to be a great experience for you. Situated nearby Leicester we are well connected to the East Midlands and further afield via road and rail links. Our bright, friendly studio space has an open door and we are always ready with a tea or coffee and some biscuits to hear about your next exciting project.

We work from the ground up, asking targeted questions to pinpoint exactly what is unique about your business and your requirements, before outlining a course of action to help you achieve the results you need. Regardless of your exact graphic design requirements, we are committed to, and capable of helping build your brand and business alongside you and your team. It really makes your successes feel like ours.