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Bespoke Illustration Service

Creating illustrations to suit your design

Our Illustration Service

At CWS we think it is essential that your brand is carried through into every aspect of your company, and imagery is huge part of that. Sometimes a different approach is needed and this is where our illustration service can be a great asset for your company or project.

Illustrations come in a huge variety of styles, all of which can have a different impact or tell a different story about your brand. We will help you decide which style will work best for you. And deliver a range of high quality artwork. Bring your next project to life using illustration or bespoke artwork.

Camping Illustration Collection
Fruit Illustration Collection
Office Illustration Collection
Create Illustration Collection

Artwork for Print and Digital

We have experience of creating imagery for publications such as reports. Well thought through cohesive illustrations can help deliver a premium feel to your report, further engage users in the information presented and even help to clarify anything which may benefit from further explanation.

A tailor made array of illustrations across your web site can convey the tone of your business with ease, enrich the user experience and channel the users attention in the direction your want. Our in house illustrator will be happy to work with you to create imagery that is uniquely yours, to give your project that little bit more. With experience in both traditional media and digital image creation they can work through a variety styles, ideas and inspirations to deliver the best outcome for you and your business.

BUFDG Illustration Collection

Bespoke Web Icon Design

Our attention to detail means that no illustrative detail is too small with bespoke icon sets for your website or app, we can help you enhance your communications in line with your branding, giving you a result that is streets ahead of stock artwork or illustrations and will set your project apart. Even the tiniest detail change can make a huge difference.

Eames Revival Icon Set

Consistent Quality Artwork Across Your Business

With our experience of creating imagery across a variety of formats we can create illustrations fit for the scale and breadth of your business. From larger scale POS print work like vehicle wrapping to tiny web icons, we can promise continuity across every aspect of your visual identity. We have even used artwork to transform office spaces with murals or wall art.

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