Whilst print can be powerful, we know that for certain customer bases or large mailing lists digital publications can cut costs, are often more sustainable and in many cases increase accessibility.

Take a look at how we provide customised digital reports, both independent of, or alongside a printed report option.

Interactive Digital Publications and Reports

Print design can be beautiful and tactile, however it has its limits and for some organisations the logistics of distribution and print costs can be prohibitive. Flexibility can be a great asset in your designs and here at CWS we can bring our extensive knowledge of print design principles to digital output, so that you still have wonderful design with depth and impact, but in a fully digitised format.

Digital Report for PHES

Professional HE Services (PHES) is an organisation built up from a number of different Special Interest Organisations (SIOs). Given the diverse locations of the various memberships of PHES and their wide-ranging stakeholders, using a digital report—rather than a print format—made great sense. In addition to the simplification of distribution there was opportunity to design for typical widescreen devices, which most members would view the report on.

The digital format allowed for the inclusion of interactive content navigation, as well as hyperlinks to references, web-based resources and the individual SIO websites and reports mentioned in the document directly.

Digitising your Report

It may be that you want to have both a digital and print version of your publication or document. We will take the final format into consideration when developing the design in order to tailor the final outcome. This may mean adjusting the layout or adding interactive features to the digital version. With special consideration of your audience, we will work with you to decide which layout will suit best.


Get in touch to discuss your project

We have a wealth of experience and a track record of delivering great looking reports, which, more importantly, help engage the reader and communicate key information effectively. 

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