Maintaining relationships with your stakeholders, members or clients is vital to the ongoing success of any business or organisation. How you communicate information with them is therefore key to this success.

See how we have helped BUFDG create tailor-made reports for their members.

Maximising Effectiveness

Maximising effectiveness means making the most of every communication between your organisation and the audience you are trying to connect with in order to foster and develop the relationship. With customised reports, advertising or letters featuring data-merged and personalised content you can deliver individually tailored items specific to each person or organisation.

BUFDG Engagement Reports

The purpose of the Engagement Reports is to highlight the interaction that BUFDG members have through the BUFDG membership website and how this compares with members from similarly positioned organisations.

We have developed a robust method for processing the data BUFDG supplies, to generate individually printed reports, helping members understand the value of their membership and maximise their access to the services BUFDG provides.

Fresh but Familiar

We have been creating the BUFDG engagement reports for a number of years now, each time we strive to streamline the data-merge process and to create something new and interesting. We aim to strike the balance of reinforcing the image of their brand—maintaining enough familiarity to compare year-on-year data easily—without it becoming stale and repetitive.


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