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Online Sales with Shopify

Flexible, Affordable
and Scalable

Shopify is a comprehensive solution for hosting your e-commerce site. We recommend Shopify as an e-commerce platform as it is flexible, affordable, scalable and easy to use and manage. This allows us to work with clients to create custom themed sites, and meet your further requirements, such as non-marketplace content, like blogs.

Once your site is up and running Shopify takes care of any payment processing through Stripe, as well as an advanced shopping cart and seamless order processing. A slick, well thought out admin managing area helps you oversee and manage your store and stock. It also offers analysis of sales to help you develop your business and as it does so, Shopify has features to meet the needs of a growing business.

If you already have an existing site that you are happy with and are just looking to update or monetise, you can instead make use of the Shopify Buy Button. This allows you to embed your products and a secure, mobile friendly shopping cart wherever and in whatever style you wish.

Point of Sale (POS) Support

In addition to hosting or monetising your site, Shopify provides Point of Sale (POS) support for a variety of sales scenarios. Apps for mobile phone and tablet mean that you can sell directly to buyers at small consumer events like craft fairs, whilst larger packages give support to entire physical stores. Because your physical store and online store can all be managed through Shopify, monitoring your stock is incredibly simple.

Shopify also has options for syncing your products and sales with Facebook. This allows for customers to buy as they browse social media and receive updates on their orders process through Facebook messenger. Designed for mobile it creates a personal shopping experience, with the ease of online stores.

If you would like to discuss setting up your own e-commerce site or monetising your existing site, please get in touch.

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