Making an impact can be really challenging. Whilst brochures or newsletters can be seen as outdated, we know that a tangible item that can be picked up and held can make a lasting impact on your clients.

Take a look at some examples where we worked with companies to communicate what makes them great.

Standing Out

There are so many options for communication. Printed material can be a physical link with your audience and a large range of finishes means that you can convey the personality of your brand and what makes you unique.

Brochures create another touchpoint for your business and an explanation of your services away from a busy shop or screen, whilst newsletters can provide a record of your recent achievements or upcoming events to engage your customer.

Exaireo and ERS

We have created brochures for businesses and charitable organisations. Whether your goal is to raise awareness of your work, or give clear information about your products and services, a brochure has wide-ranging application and appeal. Printed brochures can act as a means to keep your brand and information in front of your audience long after their first interaction with you.

City Biz Magazine

Creating a regular magazine or newsletter for your organisation can help to reach an offline audience or create a presence for your organisation’s brand in the home.

Each edition gives the possibility for new or interesting content, fresh and exciting news or events to be communicated and fosters stronger relationships with readers. We have the knowledge to provide brand continuity without sacrificing variety.


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We have a wealth of experience and a track record of delivering great looking reports, which, more importantly, help engage the reader and communicate key information effectively. 

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