Annual reports, when all they do is sit on a shelf or hard drive, can feel like a waste of time. At CWS we can help you create publications and reports which enhance your narrative.

See how we have worked year on year with the British Universities Finance Directors Group to tell their story.

Telling Your Story

Every enterprise has a story—one which can capture the attention of both staff and customers. Much can happen in a year and annual reports are a great place to talk about successes and challenges. We help our clients to establish clarity and context utilising design and illustration, drawing out key themes and threading cohesive narratives through their reports.

Understanding University Finance

We worked with BUFDG, designing and illustrating their recent publication, Understanding University Finance.

By incorporating illustrative elements throughout the guide—each associated with the different sections and subject matter—we were able to deliver a visually creative solution for what can often be construed as a fairly dry subject.

BUFDG were delighted with the end result and have had great feedback from members, with the online PDF version downloaded over 2,500 times.

BUFDG Annual Reports

BUFDG are strong proponents of the Integrated Reporting (IR) framework. IR brings together material information about an organisation’s strategy, governance, performance and prospects in a way that reflects the commercial, social and environmental context within which it operates.

Over the past few years we have created original visuals and illustrations for their annual reports, helping with the clear and concise articulation of BUFDG’s value creation story which is useful and relevant to their stakeholders.


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