Reports that feature a large amount of data can be dry and dense. We can help you present your key data clearly with consistent design to engage your audience more effectively.

Take a look at an example where our creative team worked with complex data in a variety of forms.

Visualising Data

Data is frequently a component of reporting within any business or organisation. Charts, statistics and infographics, when poorly designed, can be confusing, illegible or just plain boring!

When we create designs for our varied clients, whether we are creating large charts with dozens of data points or smaller infographics, we want it to be visually appealing and engaging.

AUDE Estate Management Report (EMR)

The Association of University Directors of Estates (AUDE) approached us to create a detailed annual report which had to be informative and attractive whilst delivering a lot of data.

The main challenge lay in creating legible axis labels for some of the largest data sets across an A3 spread. We explored various print solutions including fold-outs, before finding a solution which worked for our client and their budget.

AUDE EMR Executive  Summary Document

Once we had established the styling of the main report we then created a complementary summary document. The executive summary was a double-sided, three panel, gate folded A4 document. Instead of the charts which filled the EMR we instead created a set of icons to illustrate the key statistics AUDE wanted to pull out of the document.


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