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Brand Exploration and Creation for Mac-Nutrition School of Nutrition (MNSON)

A Brand Extension for an Established Nutrition Consultancy Brand

Whilst consistent branding is a linchpin of any organisation’s ability to market themselves, it is sometimes necessary to create additional brands or brand extensions within your organisation, in order to create clear communication and a distinction between products or services whilst maintaining an overarching link. The Mac-Nutrition Collective have encountered this need previously in their journey to success. Beginning as a nutritionist consultancy, Mac-Nutrition has since grown and expanded to provide its own professional nutritionist qualification which is Studied in over 65+ countries worldwide. 

Having spotted a gap in the market, Mac-Nutrition wanted to meet the needs of those who want to learn more about nutrition but at a lower price bracket alongside their day to day work. This could also create a great entry level course which could lead into their more intensive Mac-nutrition University (MNU) course. They asked for our help in creating a new brand strategy as they reshaped their website in order to clarify the identities of the different services and build a new identity which could also sit alongside their existing brands whilst belonging to their new service.

Logo And Icon Developement 2

Defining the Brand Characteristics and Setting a Statement of Intent

Though Mac-Nutrition had a clear name in mind; Mac-Nutrition School of Nutrition (MNSON) and an idea of content for their new service, the detail of what this service would look like, who their target customer was and how it would be delivered, was still in need of refinement. This made it impossible for us to list the exact toolkit of brand assets we were going to have to generate for them. We also needed to explore their overall branding strategy to access where it sat within the Mac-Nutrition Collective. This is why our Brand Explanation Workshop is such a key part of any design process for branding. It helps us to create alignment for us with the goals of the client and also internally for the clients themselves, who may each be coming with their own assumptions and expectations for the project.

As part of our workshop we helped to get the team thinking about their new brands key characteristics and write a statement of intent as a goal to drive towards and a metric for success. We then also explored who they felt their target user was creating customer profiles, and in the process discussed how they expect their brand to compare to competitors in that sector, and where they planned to differentiate themselves from them. Discussing competitors was a great opportunity to know their likes and dislikes as well as examine where they identified themselves in the market.

After exploring the thoughts, aims and characteristics which needed to be conveyed by the brand we were helping to shape, we were able to start exploring aesthetic themes and imagery which we felt would appeal to MNSON’s team and their prospective customers. They wanted to present themselves as an organisation which provides nutrition education to people in need of help, whilst acting with integrity and remaining relatable. They were striving to help their clients feel empowered and learn through truly evidence based teachings. So we wanted a brand which would put users at ease, giving them confidence in the facts that they were learning, without feeling overwhelmed or intimidated by it. 

Logo And Icon Developement 3

Building a Brand Toolkit and Creating an Identity

We began by exploring a range of imagery we collected about nutrition, exercise and weight loss. We then sketched out ideas for logos and explored how to best represent the title of the course in interesting but clear ways. We used the existing elements of the MNU and Mac-Nutrition Collective Branding to generate a wide range of ideas that felt cohesive with the aesthetic of The Mac-Nutrition Collective whilst having its own unique spin and application

From the many ideas, we pulled together our favourites to receive feedback, working in greyscale so that the focus was on the form and the shapes of the idea. Once the Mac-Nutrition team had selected their favourite we created even more interactions, refining and improving on each version in order to create the final logo. It was only then we explored the variety of colour combinations. Once a final logo was selected it introduced a primary palette we were then able to extend and some further brand guidelines began to take shape.

Another requirement which arose from our customer profiling exercise was the need to clearly define the different modules or ‘bolt ons’ within the course which were additional packages of information that the user could select to learn in order to build a program of learning which best met their needs. In order to create a clear visual distinction between these we worked on developing bespoke icons for each module. We communicated with the Mac-Nutrition team in order to build a clear picture of what the content for each module would include. This enabled us to create very specific icons. Once again we started with thumbnail sketches which played around with symbolism and style of representation to capture that playful and fun but clean and professional imagery that would help create the relatable brand voice.

In order to help the team better visualise the final brand application we also generated imagery of the logo with a web layout. This helped to exemplify how the palette, imagery and logo could be used flexibly and creatively to create a professional and consistent brand identity.

Mock up of web design fro macnutrition

Professional Brand Application and Implementation

Our final outcome of this branding project was to supply a brand toolkit to be implemented across a range of marketing collateral and educational videos. This included the MNSON logo and a set of bespoke icons for the course modules. 

The Mac-Collective have asked us to be responsible for the full implementation of this brand across their new website for MNSON, designing the individual page layouts and interfaces as part of a further project with them. 

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