The Little Tulip Shop is an ecommerce website dedicated to selling Tulip Tables and Chairs based on the 1955 designs of Eero Saarinen. Their tagline is ‘A small shop, with big statement!’ and with a clear focus on a stalwart of the modernist design movement, it was important to them to appeal to design savvy customers with a professional brand.


We were approached to design a text based logo and the client suggested the inclusion of a tulip flower as the site was very specifically focused around only the tulip furniture. They wanted a sophisticated, elegant brand identity to match the business’ focus on a design classic.


From the client’s detailed requirements we created initial concepts, exploring a number of cursive and handwritten typefaces as well as more contemporary, sans serif typefaces. We developed a range of tulip images to accompany the word mark in various styles from illustrative versions to more stylised icons to give greater variety across the initial concepts to explore.

The selected design concept is based around a delicate continuous line representation of the tulip paired with a word mark featuring both cursive and sans serif typefaces. The overall composition of the logo was refined through subtle iterative work to the text and illustrative components ensuring spacing and balance allowed the logo to work in different contexts and at various sizes. We also applied a softer but refined palette of pink and grey to compliment the feminine aesthetic of the e-commerce website theme. A small but important detail was the development of the tulip illustrative component as a favicon featuring on the website visitors' browser tabs and extending the brand identity in this subtle and helpful way.

Final Solution

The finalised logo has enabled our client to establish branding consistent with the aesthetic of the tulip chair and table product range they sell, appealing to their target market and adding authenticity to the overall voice of the business.