Horses Inside Out is an organisation which gives a fascinating insight into equine locomotion, training and management from an anatomical perspective and is headed up by Gillian Higgins.

We have worked with Gillian on a number of mainly print design projects. One of the key areas for Horses Inside Out is the events, seminars and annual conference they arrange and run. Historically, they have taken bookings for these events and conferences by providing downloadable PDF forms that attendees would then send via the post with an enclosed cheque.

Gillian came to us to see what solutions were available to do the booking process online.

Our Approach

The Horses Inside Out website is managed and maintained internally and there was a requirement to work with the existing site layout with whatever online booking solution we were to come up with.

Rather than using a third party booking management site such as Eventbrite, where there are associated costs for using the service, the client wanted to have a system within their website that would be much more cost effective.

We used the API for the Stripe payment platform to process payments for tickets for the Horses Inside Out 2018 Conference. With the ability for attendees to select from a range of ticket options alongside an optional evening meal and its associated menu choices, the various ticket configurations were fairly complex.

The result for Horses Inside Out was that as tickets were booked, the ticket fees were instantaneously processed and available for the organisation, negating the need to bank cheques and process the paper booking forms.

With the traditional booking process available alongside their new online booking option, the vast majority of attendees chose to book online through the newly created booking system. This has paved the way for other event bookings to be taken online.