3 Ways to Generate a Buzz on Social Media


Rach Brind-Surch

23rd July 2021

How do you get people to stop the scroll and engage?

Increasing your followers can feel like an uphill climb, and it can be frustrating when your content just isn’t getting the level of engagement you would hope. Here are some tips on how to increase engagement with your social media posts.

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Tip 1 – Ask Questions

All conversations with a stranger start by asking a question. People like to feel like an expert, so asking someone their opinion or to weigh in is a great way of increasing engagement. Remember though that asking the question is only the start of a conversation. In order to keep that conversation going you have to listen to responses in order to create future conversations and learn more about your audience. 

Though questions are great - don’t fall into the interrogation trap! It’s not normal in conversation to just fire off a load of questions at someone. This is not a job interview - it’s fun! So make sure to space out your questions organically.

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Tip 2 – The power of the split debate

It is an important truth that at some point in your social media journey you will post something that not everybody loves. That’s because we all have different tastes, and whilst customer profiles are useful nobody fits perfectly into a mould. You need to be able to post authentically as a Brand and if a post which authentically reflects your brand repels people, then they are unlikely to become diehard fans anyway. This also means they are unlikely to be the best customers for your business. So it’s important you don’t let the fear of a little controversy paralyse you from making more interesting and authentic content. 

Not least because the love/hate balance is a powerful tool in digital marketing. A strong emotional reaction of love or hate is bound to increase interactions. Like following a great sports team, people love to root for their side. So a split in your followers over something incidental can be a fun and harmless way to increase engagement. But be mindful that we are talking, ketchup in the fridge or the cupboard levels of discussion … not - how did you vote in Brexit?

screen shot of a social media poll on twitter asking about marmite

Tip 3 – Interact with your users outside of your own space

Part of increasing engagement is finding new ways of connecting with your potential audience in new ways. Find and build partnerships with influencers or groups which are relevant to your business. Engage with them honestly in order to build trust. 

It may be that you specialise in vintage furniture, in which case explore interior design blogs, channels and groups. By utilising your specialist knowledge you can add value and insight to that group, whilst also increasing your reach. The aim is to encourage interest and trust in your brand organically so post considerately and carefully. You don’t want to spam a group, as that won’t help you at all.

Once you have succeeded in attracting more followers than you can interact and engage on your own posts. Make sure you are responding to comments and continuing to build relationships. Creating those relationships and building those emotional connections is what will keep new users interested and engaged.

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Embarking on social media marketing and creating your own social media strategy can feel overwhelming. If you have more questions and would like to talk more about your digital marketing strategy, then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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