5 Social Media Marketing Ideas For Valentines Day


Rach Brind-Surch

7th February 2022

Valentine’s day is just around the corner, and whilst it doesn’t quite rival Christmas for its commercial power, it still has a huge amount of marketing potential. No longer just of interest to chocolatiers, card stockists and florists, Valentine’s day can be a great opportunity to make an impact on existing followers as well as a means of generating new leads. 

If you aren’t sure how to create a quick win for your social media marketing strategy this Valentine’s day, then don’t worry. Whatever the size of your company we have tips to help you take advantage of the season of love. Use your social media and a smart bit of marketing to target the lovesick and souls desperately seeking gift ideas. 

Tip 1: Valentine-themed competition or poll 

Our first piece of advice is to keep it fun. Valentine's day is a light-hearted holiday. Grow your followers by indulging in a simple giveaway of one of your products. Valentine’s day provides the perfect excuse for getting your existing followers to tag and share your service in order to enter a one-off competition. Perhaps even offer twice the prize so both them and their tagged friend get a win. Matching accessories, gift packages for two or couples treat are the perfect Valentine’s giveaway to tempt new likes and shares. 

You can also keep your posts engaging and interactive with a silly game or poll. Ask followers what their ideal Valentine’s day would be. Play on your products and services to make sure you are having fun whilst highlighting your business. Polls can also be a great way of getting ideas for future campaigns and gaining insights into your users.

Tip 2: Keep it open! 

Yes, Valentine’s day is traditionally a romantic occasion, but you can attract a broader audience by targeting all kinds of love. Bromances and your best girlfriends deserve some love too, so don’t narrow down your campaigns too much. Don’t miss out on helping your customers to celebrate their single friends, or even the real love of their lives: their pets. 

Try to focus less on couples, and more on the themes of love, caring for each other and showing each other we care. Think creatively about your products and services, it may be that your business or service doesn’t scream Valentine’s day initially, but broadening out your theme can help lead you to a connection.

Tip 3: ‘Share the Love’ with a Valentines offer

Make your customers and followers your Valentine, by treating them on valentine’s day. It could be that sign-ups to your email newsletter or new followers get a discount code. Maybe selected products could be discounted for the holiday. It could even be that those who sign up for your service or buy a product on Valentine’s day get a free gift. 

Whatever works for your business, it’s a great opportunity to show your users and customers that you care. Whatever you offer doesn’t have to be huge - after all, it’s the thought that counts.

Tip 4: KISS - Keep it Short and Simple 

If you and your team are completely strapped for time, or just don’t have the desire to get bogged down in competitions and offers then don’t worry. You can opt for our simplest marketing strategy. A short and sweet post wishing your clients a happy Valentine’s day takes mere minutes to assemble and will give you an easy win on the 14th. 

If you have a presence on Social media then it’s a good idea to update your content regularly, so scheduling this simple post will help to show you are up to date and allow you to take advantage of trending hashtags. 

Tip 5: Specific Valentine landing page on your site

Though technically not strictly speaking a Social Media strategy, creating a relevant landing page or product collection on your website is an excellent idea. You want somewhere clear to signpost all these amazing new followers so that you can take advantage of the extra engagement your posts have generated.

Collections are especially useful for the shopper who hasn’t quite worked out what they want to buy. By creating product lists for his and her Valentine’s day gifts in a sensible order, you are cutting out the work for your new users. If your business has a strong B2B focus then you could create your own landing page highlighting Valentine’s day as a key holiday.

Having a unique landing page also makes it easier for your marketing team to check your analytics to see whether Valentine's day is working as well for you as you hoped. 

We hope that our tips have helped you to feel inspired and to try something new for your social media accounts this Valentine’s day. If you are feeling overwhelmed at the thought of creating a social media campaign or looking for more support with your social media then please do get in touch with us. We are happy to help in a variety of ways to either advise or help manage your social media and improve your digital marketing. 

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