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Adding Google Analytics to your Shopify Store

What is Google Analytics?

Essentially Google Analytics is a free web analytics service that tracks user interaction giving you the ability to analyse your website traffic. It lets you measure your advertising ROI (return on investment) as well as helps you to understand your customer's behaviour and experience / interaction with your site.

Make sure you have a google account

You will need a google account in order to use Google Analytics. If you already use other Google products, such as Gmail, then you can use the same account. Alternatively you can easily set-up a new account for you business activities.

Create your Google Analytics Account

Next step is to create your analytics account. Use the account you created above to sign in as part of your set-up.

So, now we have a google analytics account we need to make sure you create a new account. Click Admin and then Create Account. Once you have created the account you will need to click on Create Property and enter a name for your property. We usually recommend this be your domain name.

Next you need to make sure you select Create a Universal Analytics properties only option.

Note: By default Google will now create a GA4 property which isn't support with Shopify.

Turn on e-commerce tracking

In your Google Analytics account, click admin and select the Account, property and view you just created. Within the View column click on E-commerce Settings and make sure the Enable E-commerce is switched on.

Once you have created your property you can copy the Universal Analytics property read for adding into your Shopify Account.

Installing Google Analytics on your Shopify Website

Now that you have set-up your Google Analytics Profile you can add this (the copied universal analytics property code) to your Shopify store.

Log into your shop admin and navigation to: Online Store > Preferences. Scroll down to the section Google Analytics and paste your UA-code in the space provided.

Shopify Analytics Code Setting
Enter your Google Tracking Code

After you have enabled Google Analytics on your store you can then switch on the enhanced e-commerce option.

Shopify Google Analytics Setting with Advanced Ecommerce Option
Enable 'Use Enhanced E-commerce' Option

You should start to see your website traffic starting to appear within your google analytics account pretty much straight away. A quick useful test is to view the 'Real Time' section with google analytics and click around your site to see the real time page clicks.

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