The benefits of converting a spreadsheet based system to a Web App


Paul Dwight

29th April 2021

There are many reasons why Google sheets or Excel spreadsheets have become a fixed feature in many work environments. They are readily available and familiar to most office workers who are use Google or Microsoft ecosystems on a daily basis. Used for storing and analysing data as well as planning and reporting they can be of huge help to smaller startup businesses though can quickly become unwieldy, inconsistent and unhelpful. It may be that you have reached the point of spreadsheet fatigue and exploring more streamlined, and secure options to help solidify and formalise your business processes. 

Let us help you decide if it may be time to wave your spreadsheets goodbye and explore the potential possibilities of a bespoke web application for your business.

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What are some disadvantages of using spreadsheets?

Easy to overwrite and susceptible human error

All spreadsheets, when shared between large teams and across multiple locations can fall foul of accidental overwrites of crucial information, loss of data and accidental edits. Whilst both Excel and Google sheet have some security functions such as ‘read only’, ‘comment’ or ‘view’  versions or password protection, this limits the ability for staff members to easily collaborate with each other and any external agencies. As a result editable versions become the default and thus any risk mitigation is forfeited.

Not very secure and vulnerable to data breach

With the Edit version being the default and a need for quick access to improve workflow, security is very minimal on the majority of spreadsheets. Given that there are hefty penalty fines to be awarded to companies trading in Europe who break GDPR, poor security or badly stored and carelessly shared spreadsheets can be costly indeed.

Inconsistencies and multiple iterations of the the same sheet

For Excel in particular, spreadsheets can often fall prey to multiple copies being stored in weird and wonderful locations across your business’s file storage systems. This can lead to accidental deletion, incomplete or inconsistent data and some of the security and human error issues already explored. 

Lack of scalability

As the size of your organisation grows, processes may become more complicated as they involve more personnel, more data and more spreadsheets! These spreadsheets can also grow in size, becoming unwieldy. With this growth the risk of the issues we have already identified are scaled up rather than down.

It may be that your organisation has already encountered one or more of these frustrations, but fear not, we can help! Our experienced Web team can design and build a custom web application that will address these issues and create a bespoke system for your business to dodge the data storage headaches.

What are the advantages of a web application for my business?

Human Error Prevention

With the help of well thought out user journeys and validation we can build specific workflows into your web application ensuring the user is able to input what the system needs with minimal effort. Working closely with you we will create user journeys through clear and professional interfaces that make sense for your business. This will keep information relevant, reduce the risk of incomplete or duplicate records and drastically reduce the risk of human error.  

Stronger security and GDPR Compliance

We only build encrypted SSL certified web applications giving you the confidence that your data is private and secure. Password protection, user authentication and two factor authentication can ensure easier compliance with GDPR laws and make sure unauthorised personnel keep their hands off your data. We will also combine our secure design with firewall technology to create the strongest protection possible.

Centrally stored to avoid duplicates no matter your location

As your Web Application will be located centrally, it is accessible to anyone with the correct security clearance, whilst saving and updating to one location. Multiple spreadsheets with not quite identical sets of information in them will be an issue no longer, helping to cut down on administrative headaches and removing impediments to workflow from forgetting where a certain spreadsheet was last saved. 


Unlike spreadsheets our custom built web applications are built in partnership with your company, and so they are built with growth in mind and built to last. We value our relationship with every one of our clients and we know that you have ambition and goals that your new website will help you to meet. So of course you need a system which is going to work better and better, where we can help you with future updates, but has growth built in through the option of large volumes of data storage and unlimited user profiles.

Customised to your requirements

As useful as spreadsheets they are built to work in a very specific way. They can also difficult to customise, which can affect their function and brand consistency. With Web applications we can create interfaces that sit within your brand identity seamlessly and make sense for the services and information you need to supply. You will have complete control over what data you want shown to who and how. With bespoke user permissions, custom reporting and notifications provided in real time, we can greatly enhance your in house user experience for your staff and create an altogether more user friendly and intuitive workflow.

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If you are looking to make the move from spreadsheets, or have more questions about how to make a custom web application work in your context please do not hesitate to get in touch. We are happy to explore how we can help reach your goals and push your business up to the next level, so email or call our experienced and friendly team today. You can also check out how we helped one of our existing clients make the change from spreadsheets to custom applications, the process we went through and the benefits they have enjoyed from it.

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