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What are our most inspiring podcasts?


Rach Brind-Surch

30th September 2021

The 30th of September is an International Podcast. First created in 2004 the podcast has exploded in popularity as the preferred method for multitasking entertainment. For those of us with busy lives, long commutes and dogs to walk, the humble podcast has become a staple in our day to day. It’s no wonder that we want to celebrate it!

What is Your Favourite Inspirational Podcast?

We all have our favourite podcasts for different moods, interests and education. Since there is a podcast for just about everything it can be hard to sort the wheat from the chaff. In order to help out, we have asked the team here at CWS to share their favourite design and business podcasts which help to inspire them in their work. Check out our list to see what to listen to whilst you are working!

High Performance Podcast Cove image

The High Performance Podcast with Jake Humphries and Prof Damien Hughes

Our managing director Paul has suggested the High Performance Podcast. The High Performance Podcast invites a wide range of guests who are operating at the very highest levels in their field to share their experiences. Including top athletes, critically acclaimed artists, award winning musicians and world class performers, Jake and Damien are able to draw out intimate details of their lives.

Through their conversation we are given fresh insights into what behaviours and lessons we can learn to help better our own performance and get inspired to be the best we can be.

Artwork Presentable Podcast

Presentable: Designing the future with Jeff Veen

Our creative director Euan shared a few of his preferred design podcasts, starting with Presentable - Designing the future, a podcast hosted by Jeff Veen. Jeff Veen is the former VP of design at Adobe and the co-founder of Type-kit. So it’s fair to say he knows a little bit about design!

This podcast focuses on how we design and build the products that are shaping our digital future. It’s invaluable to be able to track the tools and trends of our industry in order to make sure that we are providing an up to date service to our clients.

The Follow Up Podcast artwork

The Follow up by Brand New

It may be that you are already familiar with the work of Brand New and UnderConsideration. If not and you are a designer, then you really ought to get into it! 

Under consideration are a graphic design and content publishing firm, of which Brand New is a division. Brand new chronicles and reviews corporate and brand identity work, providing feedback and opinions on the success or failure of any redesign or design of notable products and brands across all industries. 

The Follow Up then is a weekly podcast which gives a deep dive look into recently reviewed brands which have appeared on the Brand New platform, it includes conversations with their designers and further insight into the thinking and development behind the final work.

99% Invisible podcast artwork

99% Invisible with Roman Mars 

Our Content Creator Rachael’s pick is the calming narrative podcast 99% invisible. Hosted and created by Roman Mars, 99% invisible explores and explains the stories behind the unnoticed architecture and design which shape our world.

Besides the fact that Roman’s voice is incredibly calming, the stories he tells are fascinating, interesting and inspiring, drawing attention to the heart of design; problem solving. It helps the listener to see the world through the eyes of architects, engineers and designers and makes you appreciate the detail in the smallest and most commonplace design.

Design Matters Podcast artwork

Design Matters with Debbie Millman

Lastly what would any list of podcasts for any creative agency be without the first and longest running design podcast? Debbie Millman started Design matters for the purely selfish reason of getting to ask her creative heroes everything!

A powerhouse of the creative industry, Debbie Millman worked for 20 years as president of the design division of Sterling Brands. Over the long life of this podcast she has created a stunning catalogue of insightful interviews with inspirational creatives spanning more than 15 years in every creative sector.

Why are Podcasts important?

Whatever you like to listen to, it’s important to keep plugging into exciting and creative content. The best creative solutions draw inspiration from a wide range of sources. That's why we are glad that everybody in team CWS is looking out and listening to such great Podcasts. Listening to diverse voices and a whole range of different sectors allow us to get ideas, insights and solutions from a huge variety of different businesses and technology. It helps us to keep improving and challenges us to keep upping our game.

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