What is a Content Management System?


Rach Brind-Surch

31st January 2022

A content management system or CMS is software which helps users manage content on a website. It does this through simplifying content creation, content management, and editing existing content. This removes the need for specialised technical knowledge. The type of CMS for your website may vary greatly depending on your business’s needs, your specifications when your site was built and the type of web developer or web hosting you use.

How can a good CMS help you?

Having a CMS on your site which is straightforward to learn, accessible to all abilities of tech literacy and has an intuitive interface can help tackle some of the key issues faced by companies trying to maintain and update their websites. 

We know that having a clear, well designed and professional website can make a world of difference to businesses. This is why building a website is such a key investment to many services and businesses, across all industries and sectors. However, if your site’s CMS is not considered then the best built website in the world is going to have issues.

Flexible Editing for your website

At some point your business will change. It may be that you expand or reduce your services. Prices, products or personnel may differ. With the 24 hour news cycle, global market and social media, you need to be agile and able to respond flexibly. This means it is crucial that you have the ability to edit your site quickly and efficiently by ensuring that you have a CMS which works for you.

Having an easy to access CMS which is accessible through smart devices as well as desktop computers can make all the difference to growing businesses. By having a number of logins it also means that you can be flexible in who is responsible for these updates, given team members tailored access for the areas that are relevant to them.

Keeping your customers update to date

Content is king in design, and in digital marketing. It’s important that your website is bringing new and interesting content to your users. This will help make you stand out to Google and keep your users interested and engaged so they keep coming back for more.

Having a blog or guide on your site helps to show that you are an expert in your sector, building brand efficacy and trust in your services and products. It will also help you to inform any social media and provide opportunities for partnerships or competition to widen your reach.

A good CMS will help you create new content by making it easy for you to replicate existing content which just needs key edits. It will also enable easy creation of new pages from existing page templates, as well as customisation of menus and navigation throughout your site.

SEO Meta Data

Optimising your website for SEO

Keeping content fresh automatically means that you will already be optimising your sites SEO value for organic growth. Great content management systems will go one step further, simplifying your ability to update metadata, tailoring each page to have improved SEO content, including alternative image text and tagging.

SEO optimisation takes time and expertise, however having a simple and easy to use CMS can help remove some of the barriers to getting started.

How can we help you?

At CWS we pride ourselves in building clean professional websites that capture your stories. We create bespoke page templates and functional content blocks which can be flexibly stacked and rearranged to generate a huge variety of different pages in order to build your website.

By using this build system we can ensure maximum flexibility with no risk of dodgy design or reduction in brand consistency. To learn more about our approach to content managed solutions get in touch or read more about our web and CMS services.

Our experienced web team is ready to work with you to achieve results that will help build your confidence in managing and maintaining your website.

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