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Are you looking to optimise your digital content? CWS creates reliable, engaging content which drives traffic and sales to your site.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a technique used in marketing strategies where content is created and distributed to a clearly defined audience in order to attract them and increase profitable customer actions. Content marketing achieves this by the content it creates being consistent, valuable and relevant to the audience which is being targeted. 

The content itself can vary hugely and encompass anything from infographics and web page content, to rich media like podcasts and videos. It can even look like more traditional printed content and books. 

More important than understanding what it looks like though is understanding what content marketing can bring to your business. Effective content marketing can raise your brand and product or service awareness and then increase conversion rate through educating your customer on their purchase or engagement with your brand. 

How can we optimise your content creation?

In today's digital marketing landscape having a great product which you have through knowledge is not enough to attract customers. With SEO being at the forefront of all digital marketing strategies well crafted content creation should be the bedrock of your businesses marketing strategy. 

Our digital marketing team and content creators can help generate content which will help you climb the rankings on google whilst remaining engaging and interesting. We can work to keep your site updated to an agreed schedule, ensuring that your site receives regular SEO friendly content.

Improving existing and future content through Content Management 

As well as creating fantastic content we can help advise on your Content management as a whole. This will mean using your existing content management system (CMS) to improve on old or existing content. This service is a really great asset to businesses with extensive existing content. Rather than throwing the baby out with the bath water, we can review this content and implement changes, increasing key word inclusion and updating metadata to optimise that content. In this way we can combine new and old content to create a cohesive and consistent experience for your audience.

Reducing your bounce rate with Video and Graphic Content Creation 

Creating SEO friendly content is important in driving traffic to your business, but so is keeping that traffic interested and engaged. Whilst imagery and graphics have always played a key role in generating a buzz and engaging customers, video is also now becoming a key component of content creation. 

Increasingly digital marketing is seeing Video content take center stage in algorithms for social media, and that is because it grabs and holds users attention. Creating high quality video and graphic content can feel overwhelming for the majority of businesses who have no in house specialists. At CWS we are able to facilitate this creation to your specification both in house and through our reliable creative contacts.

How can our SEO Copywriting Service help you?

SEO copywriting requires real skill and careful application but can have incredible return on investment (ROI) when implemented well. Through careful use of keywords, research into your sector and an entertaining and engaging grasp of your brand voice.

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