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ABC Precision are a bespoke carpentry and builders firm. Having worked in the industry for a number of years under his own name, Michael—the company owner—wanted to create a brand that would allow him to compete for larger contracts and develop his business away from his own name. To this end he required a logo and simple branding for the new business name, which would not restrict the types of project he can deliver.

The brand needed to highlight the pursuit of quality and professionalism with which the company approaches each project, and communicate the thorough and precise nature that exemplifies their delivery.

Through initial discussions with Michael, we worked on developing a colour scheme that would evoke a sense of trust in potential clients and represent the quality of the work ABC Precision delivers.

One of the early ideas for imagery within the logo was to incorporate some kind of measuring tape to symbolise the attention to detail that ABC Precision bring to their work. We created a variety of rough concepts from the literal to the abstract.

The finalised logo incorporated a simplified scale to give a sense of the precise nature of the company and its name, with words in a clear sans serif font.

We introduced a mid blue to evoke trust, with gold accents, which give a nod towards quality and bespoke work.

Abc Initial Sketches
Abc Logo Concepts
Abc Precision Logo

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