Email Marketing Campaign for Vertigo Interiors


Vertigo Interiors is an online store for reproduction classics and modern designer furniture, selling in the US and certain EU countries. When it comes to seasonal sales, Vertigo Interiors has a sizeable customer base to promote their sales.


The client had a large number of products featured in their promotion and wanted to boost traffic to the site to help generate sales of these items. Their email marketing list is within Mailchimp so they needed us to create the design of the email to be sent out.

Vertigo Interiors Email Screen


We wanted to convey the spectrum of both the cost and style of the furniture and so created a strong banner heading highlighting the various textures and design features of a range of furniture items.

With the email content, we kept it short and sweet so as to not drown the customer with information, and so highlighted just four sale items, each representative of different price points to try and attract customers with a range of budgets.

Using Mailchimp to set up the email template provides the ability to create future sales email campaigns where the stock, prices and the heading image can be easily altered, whilst keeping some consistency in the design.

Results of Email Campaign

Open Rate
Click Rate
Vertigo Interiors Email Screen 2


With a massive 75.2% open rate (compared with an industry average of just 19.6%) and an equally high 45.8% click rate (compared with an industry average of just 3.4%), the email campaign increased customer engagement with the sale and increased traffic to the site.

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