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Empowering Leadership Growth: Brand and Website Transformation for Coaching Business Bamboo Partnership

The Mission

Bamboo Partnership was established by Vicky Elston to promote personal growth and wellbeing through effective, thought-provoking coaching. Our goal was to craft a visual identity that embodies the core values of growth and collaboration, articulated through Vicky’s distinctive approach to leadership coaching. We aimed to design an online presence that not only conveys the benefits of her coaching clearly but also resonates with the ethos of partnership and individual development.

The Outcome

We shaped the brand identity around Bamboo Partnership’s foundational principles and the brand personality that emerged during our strategy workshops with Vicky. The final design is clean, professional, and vibrant, setting the tone for the entire brand. This cohesive visual identity is carried through to the website, which effectively showcases the benefits of Vicky’s coaching services. The site details how both individuals and organisations can thrive by engaging with her tailored coaching packages.

The Impact

The development of Bamboo Partnership’s visual identity and website has established a significant online footprint for the brand, where none existed before. This new, coherent brand presence effectively mirrors the transformative impact Vicky’s coaching aims to have on her clients. It also positions Vicky as a leading authority in her field, underlining her expertise and the unique value she offers through her services. This strategic brand development has not only enhanced her visibility but also reinforced the credibility of Bamboo Partnership as a catalyst for personal and professional growth.

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We worked really well together. Your attention to detail was fantastic. It was a pleasure - thank you ever so much!

Vicky Elston
Bamboo Partnership Ltd

Bamboo Partnership Logo
Bamboo Partnership Logo Before And After

Introduction to Bamboo Partnership

In the heart of leadership development lies Bamboo Partnership, founded by Vicky Elston to empower personal and professional growth through tailored coaching services. Vicky's philosophy rests on the premise that true progress stems from effective, collaborative thinking and personalised strategies that lead to substantive, impactful outcomes. Situated in a market filled with generic, uncustomised coaching solutions, Bamboo Partnership was poised to redefine personal development through a unique blend of individual care and professional expertise.

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Defining the Brand

Despite the profound vision and potential impact of Bamboo Partnership, Vicky faced the challenge of translating her philosophy into a brand that resonates with her target audience. The lack of a distinct visual identity and online presence made it difficult to communicate the value and effectiveness of her personalised coaching strategies. Recognising this gap, Vicky sought to create a brand that would visually and emotionally connect with both individuals and organisations seeking meaningful growth.

Crafting the Identity

CWS partnered with Vicky to embark on a transformative journey of brand strategy and identity design. Through a series of in-depth strategy sessions, we delved into the core of Bamboo Partnership’s mission, vision, and values to sculpt a brand personality that would authentically represent Vicky’s approach. We identified key traits—growth, partnership, dynamism, and professionalism—that would form the foundation of the visual and communicative style of the brand.

Bamboo Partnership Logo Geometry

Launching the New Brand

The pivotal moment came as we translated these insights into a vibrant, coherent visual identity that Vicky felt truly represented Bamboo Partnership. The new logo, colour scheme, and design elements all resonated with the themes of growth and partnership. Simultaneously, we tackled the digital landscape by developing a website that not only highlighted the unique selling points of Vicky’s coaching but also provided clear, intuitive paths for engagement for prospective clients.

Bamboo Partnership Logo Texture

Embracing the New Identity

With the new brand identity and website launched, the initial response was overwhelmingly positive. The visual identity cemented Bamboo Partnership’s reputation as a fresh, professional choice in the coaching market, and was praised for its accessible, engaging online presence, which clearly articulates the benefits and impacts of Vicky’s coaching services.

Bamboo Partnership Website

Bamboo Partnership’s New Chapter

Bamboo Partnership now stands out in the leadership coaching community with a strong, distinctive brand and a compelling online presence that accurately reflects Vicky's philosophy and the transformative coaching she offers. This rebranding effort has not only attracted a wider audience but also enhanced client engagements, setting Bamboo Partnership on a path to greater impact and success. The journey from an undefined brand to a market leader underscores the power of thoughtful, strategic visual and digital identity design in the coaching industry.

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As I offer leadership coaching and workshop facilitation, what is really important for me is that I need the feeling of trust and confidentiality to come across from the website, but also a bit of fun. They're absolutely key when we're talking about personal growth, and that's what I feel CWS really delivered on. We worked really well together to get there and your attention to detail was fantastic. It was a pleasure working with you - thank you ever so much. I really, really, really appreciate it! And I love the site!

Vicky Elston

Director, Bamboo Partnership Ltd

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