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Hope for the homeless

Developing a theme

During our initial discussions with Chris and Scott, there was a real sense that as much as the old logo was not the most practical or polished brand identity, there was a very symbolic embodiment of what they are about — helping those who find themselves homeless to rehabilitate themselves — with the depiction of the house within the logo.

With this in mind, we developed a series of conchat had at their core some kind of home/shelter imagery. As the charity’s focus is on helping people, we looked to represent that within the designs.

Case Study Exaireo1
Case Study Exaireo2

Our solution

We wanted a friendly looking typeface, which would lend itself to the middle ‘i’ being customised to represent a person. With a simple roof representation sitting centrally over the ‘i’ the logo communicates succinctly all that Exaireo are about.

As Exaireo required a brochure highlighting the new service provision they have for young people experiencing homelessness, we were able to develop the artwork and layout inkeeping with the new logo. There is a real sense of hope in what Exaireo do and how they help those who find the need of their service and we wanted to express that sense of hope throughout the brochure. To do this we used a friendly body typeface and a colour palette that is bright and varied

A number of simple icons were created for the different services that Exaireo offer, which occur throughout the brochure. We also created a more visual ring chart solution for displaying information about cost breakdown to help prospective local authority clients clearly see the value Exaireo offer in their excellent service.

Both Scott and I found CWS very easy to work with. They collected lots of information in the initial meeting we had, quickly understanding exactly what we were looking for and delivered a bright, modern and professional brochure inside the timescales we agreed. We are very impressed and will definitely use CWS again and will recommend you to other organisations.

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