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London Brogues – British by Design

PPC Campaign with significant results

The Challenge

London Brogues approached CWS needing help transforming their online business. Previously they had attempted to run some PPC campaigns themselves and although made some progress found that the results were not where they wanted to be and also they needed to spend more of their time on other areas of the business.

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Our Strategy

The first step when onboarding a new marketing client is to carry out a full audit of all their digital channels including their social media and shopify website.

We then worked with the London Brogues team to establish their goals, not just for the website but where they were looking to take their business over the next few years.

Having a list of written, long term goals really helps us gain a much better understanding of where our clients are looking to take their business meaning that we can provide a more detailed solution helping them get there.

Our team then began working on creating both SEO and PPC strategies working on short term and longer term goals of the business. Some simple user research exercises also helped us to establish what potential customers would be looking for giving us an additional SEO angle.

London Brogues – Shoes

The Results

As with all our digital marketing campaigns this is still work in progress but after 6 months of working with London Brogues we have been able to see a significant increase across the key metrics.

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Increase in website revenue
Increase in ecommerce conversion rate
Increase in average order value

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