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Loughborough Street Pastors Annual Report


Loughborough Street Pastors work on the streets, as a visible, recognizable and trusted presence. Not preaching or condemning, but listening, caring and helping people from the community. Every Street Pastor is a committed Christian and the training programme ensures that they are fully equipped to handle even the most difficult situations.

The work is done in partnership with the local police and Charnwood Borough Council. They are part of a national team first pioneered in 2003 and in Loughborough that began in 2008 as a Hope08 initiative set up by Loughborough Churches Partnership.

Each year, Loughborough Street Pastors has its AGM and awards evening to celebrate the great work carried out by its volunteers over the year, forge stronger relationships with the partner organisations and agencies, and to look ahead at the direction the group is going in. A short annual report is produced highlighting statistics of the work carried out over the year and we worked with Jan Sutton, who heads up the group, to help communicate these statistics in a compelling visual way.

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The aim of the project was to lay out the statistics and figures clearly to show just how much the group achieved over the year. Rather than simply having a list of figures, the information lent itself to being displayed more visually with icons and illustrations to bring the numbers to life.


We used a limited colour palette in keeping with Loughborough Street Pastors branding and gave plenty of space to the figures, clearly highlighting key information in a friendly way. Although it is only a short document, the style and layout of the annual report provided a great foundation to communicate the great work done by the volunteers and the group as a whole. It serves as a tool to bring greater awareness of, and support for, the incredible work that the Loughborough Street Pastors do and emphasise the hugely beneficial partnerships with police and the local authority.

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