Biomass Plantroom

Building a Nation-wide Boiler Management Application for Myriad

The Client

Myriad are a plant room service business mainly focussing on biomass systems. They currently provide installation and maintenance services to over 750 sites across the UK.

With over 18 years' experience providing post-commissioning service and maintenance you can say that Myriad's Engineers really know what they are talking about with renewable commercial boiler and heating systems.

Like all our clients, Myriad has the ambition to excel and be market leaders. After launching their bespoke monitoring system, mHub, they are well on their way to dominating the industry.

A better way to monitor systems remotely

Managing a network of over 750 installations is a mammoth and time consuming operation. Monitoring the health of these installations via site visits from engineers presents its own set of challenges.

This means that finding a way to be able to monitor boiler and fuel systems across the UK remotely would offer Myriad a great opportunity to take their already high level of service up a few more notches.

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Myriad Heat Meter Application Dashboard Delivery Only Success

Remote Fuel Management

Using key heat meter data arriving into the application every 20 minutes, we were able to accurately determine the level of fuel consumption throughout the day and therefore create an easy way to monitor fuel levels from across the UK entirely remotely.

Enabling automatic refuel ordering within the system results in less administration work for the Myriad Support Team and creates a direct loop between the onsite plantroom and the Fuel Delivery network.

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The Results

Working closely with the Myriad Team we were able to help transform the way they monitored their systems spread all over the UK.

By switching from a very manual, email and spreadsheet, workflow to a fully automated web-based application we were able to deliver a system that not only provides a great service for their clients but also saves their engineers and support team countless hours in administrative tasks.

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