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Green’s Catering are a Loughborough based catering company who started life as a deli with occasional outside catering.

What we did


As the catering side of the business grew, they concentrated solely on developing it and closed the deli to make space and time for the shift in focus.

They now employ a number of chefs, have recently undergone a major kitchen expansion and continue to grow in reputation and business.

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Our Approach 

UX/UI Design

We began the initial work on the website project by looking at the UX design (User Experience) to understand the tasks users want to accomplish when visiting a catering company website as well as the content that will help them to make a decision to take action on any given page of the site.

From this understanding of content hierarchy and the required CTAs (call to actions) we created simple wireframes of each of the pages to layout the different elements in the best way possible. We involved the client in the process of signing off these wireframes as a way of getting their involvement to define content structure and layout without the distraction of the design and style of the website.

Once we reviewed and validated the wireframes, we then proceeded to create the UI design (User Interface), considering how to visually represent the various elements making up the website. This involved the colour schemes, typography and imagery used within the site. Once again the client was involved in signing off the visuals prior to the front end development of the site to create the working web pages.

Specific considerations were made around the website’s responsiveness when viewed on the multitude of devices including mobile, tablet and desktop scenarios. This ensures that content is viewable regardless of the device viewed and with an understanding of the different conventions to be considered when designing for the each device type. An example would be where on the the desktop and tablet scenarios we show the contact number for the business in the header, this becomes a telephone icon on mobile that when tapped asks the user if they wish to call the number on their phone, thus making it easy to get in touch with Green’s Catering.

Front End and Back End Development

With the content hierarchy and visual design of the website having been signed off by the client, we worked on the development of the website, making sure the website coding is efficient and that the website loads quickly and works according to the constantly evolving web standards.

Web Content Management System

The content is hooked up to our CMS (Content Management System), which allows for the easy amending and adding of content, including blog and news articles, which the client can create to improve the site’s SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) over time as well as providing helpful information to their site visitors.

Digital Marketing

A large part of Green’s online promotion and digital marketing comes through their use of social media and especially through their Instagram account. The visual nature of the food they produce for weddings, corporate events and their chef at home service provides a great way to showcase what they do with a constantly fresh and changing stream of imagery. We incorporated their Instagram feed as a key feature on each page so that visitors can see their most recent catering jobs. It gives their pages a sense of constantly being updated too.

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