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A Custom Resource Targeting Students For Fusion

Fusion works to equip Christian students to live out their faith at university with a missional, outward perspective. They have some great tools that help students to engage in their university communities and develop their faith through discipleship.

A fun tool with a serious purpose

We were asked to create artwork for a deck of playing cards with a twist - each suit of cards has a different life theme, with each card in the suit asking a deep and searching question to help get students thinking about their lives.

The questions range from "How is your relationship with your family?", to "What are you thankful for at the moment?", and cover areas of lifestyle, relationships, spiritual life and Christian mission.

The Fusion team passed us a comprehensive brief, which included the requirement that the cards function as a normal set of playing cards alongside the questions based tool function. They also had in mind a few different styles of design they liked.

This is the story behind the #DiscipleshipDeck. This is why we made it.

Luke Smith June 2, 2017
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Our approach

CWS created a number of style concepts to show how the cards might look. These ranged from more traditional styles of playing cards, to minimalist and retro 80s styles.

The preferred style we developed through into a finalised design was a minimalist version that incorporated simplified suit icons. We also created a range of picture card icons in keeping with this minimalist style for the jack, queen, king and joker cards.

Using a simple and uncluttered design concept allowed the discipleship questions to be centre stage and we went with a flat colour palette incorporating Fusion’s primary brand colour and some of their secondary colours already at use across the fusion eco-system.

Fusion have printed 4,000 of the discipleship decks, which will be going to students throughout the UK and further afield in the autumn, helping them grow in their Christian faith and develop a heart for their fellow students and their university communities.

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