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UHR Annual Report 2018 and Leaflet


University Human Resources (UHR) is the professional membership organisation for those working in HR within Universities in the UK and Ireland. They produce annual reports and other publications, which are sent to their members. They approached us to help develop a visual language for their publications, beginning initially with their 2018 Annual Report and associated leaflet.

Uhr Annual Report Spread Zoomed In


UHR have some basic branding, but no guidelines on its use. As such, the information and materials they publish and send out to their members have historically been a natural extension of this limited brand identity. As a result the materials they publish, have lacked a consistent visual style. Starting with their annual report and going forwards, they required a more distinctive identity to be worked throughout their publications.


In consultation with the client we adopted the vibrant magenta from their logo as a primary colour. Used in conjunction with angled block colour shapes throughout the documents, we were able to implement a strong, simple and consistent visual style.

Other colours from the logo were used sparingly to create small accents and points of interest. The use of block colour paired with bold serif headers helps bring emphasis and present the information clearly.

The flexibility of the shapes and clear text styles are simple to transfer to the variety of future UHR publications as we help them develop their overall brand and visual design system.

Uhr Annual Report Spread

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