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Web-based Application Portal for Cabpay

CabPay is a new service which enables taxi drivers to easily take card payments from their users. This allows the driver to provide their services without the need for cash payments, making it more convenient for their customers to use their service and enabling them to compete with the likes of Uber, which has realigned customer expectation and experience.

We were approached to design and build an application portal for taxi drivers to use to register their details and sign up for the CabPay service. This involved building in the ability for documents to be validated by the DVLA. In terms of the design a clean, pared back aesthetic, with a minimal black, white and red colour palette was preferred. 

Our main focus was to create a clear process for the user to quickly and easily sign up. Also to design an intuitive admin area that could quickly and efficiently allow admins to sort through and validate the registered profiles.

We therefore created a set of simple wireframes and used prototyping to allow us, and the client, to move through the interface. We were able to test the usability and find any issues or dead ends in the interface, or areas where greater clarification was needed. We also had to consider how both the cab drivers and the admin staff would be accessing and using the different areas of the application portal, as admin staff would most likely be working in an office environment on a desktop computer and drivers would instead be performing the majority of signups on their smartphones or mobile devices.

Cabpay Clear Wireframes

Once the client was happy with the wireframes and the functions of the site we were then able to apply colours, define the spacing, fonts and other styles to create a more bespoke site. We used a muted traffic light system in the admin area to give a clear overview of where each application entry was in the system at a glance. The cleaner style kept the interface uncluttered and spacious, and larger buttons and fields on the registration made applications on a touch device simple and easy.

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