5 Benefits of Good Graphic Design


Rach Brind-Surch

12th September 2019

In our Previous article ‘Defining Graphic Design” we have defined the various aspects and specialisations within the field of Graphic Design, what are the benefits? What makes for good design? What makes for poor design? Why should you concern yourself with it?

Graphic design is everywhere!

Hopefully from our previous article ‘Defining Graphic Design’ you have been given a clear picture of just how expansive the field of graphic design is. It impacts the entire built and digital world. If it is man made and visible it probably has some kind of graphic design applied to it. 

Good graphic design can be an invaluable tool.We are going to look at some of the benefits that valuing good graphic design within your business can bring and what can happen if they aren’t considered at all.

1. It creates a professional image with consistency

Visual identity graphic design can give your company its voice and public persona, shaping the first impression someone might have of your company, so it’s important it is done well and worth investing wisely in. 

A well crafted logo, colour palette and typography are strong, foundational building blocks for a consistent and professional set of brand guidelines which can be applied across a whole spectrum of design assets. They set the tone and personality of your company and how it’s perceived by your target market.. 

If the initial visual identity is laid out in clear, concise guidelines provided by your designer then there’s a good chance it can be successfully applied across the other areas of design as your company grows and expands. A good set of designs will be created considering future applications for your brand. Lack of forethought or flexibility between platforms and applications can be the difference between a good and bad design.

2. It helps develop a memorable brand identity

If your initial visual identity is given due consideration and care, then with each application it will be consolidated and built on to create a strong impression that will stick in your user or customer’s mind. Even if an individual can’t remember the exact details of your company after a first look, a well-executed identity will likely make it more memorable. Unfortunately, clunky, incoherent or confusing design can stick in the memory for all the wrong reasons so it is important that a high standard is maintained.

3. It opens up new avenues of communication

From print to email, social media to the highstreet, the opportunities for communication are endless, but still so crowded. Poorly designed marketing materials can be confusing, garbling the message and can easily get drowned out in the crowd. Effective graphic design can deliver essential information in an effective impactful package to your audience. Whether you want to attract attention through astonishment, intrigue, hilarity or warmth.With so many design options out there, it may be that there is an option you haven’t previously explored and can tap into. Visual content is 40% more likely to get shared on social media, so it is worth using well designed visual materials to increase engagement across your social platforms.

4. Foster trust in your business

In addition to clear communication, an audience's ability to trust the message being delivered is paramount. To make your business credible it has to be reliable. A professional appearance through your various marketing channels is the first step - but should be underpinned by a foundation of exceptional service and customer-focused delivery as a business. Examples include clear communication for new and existing customers, great in-store or online experiences through well thought out user interfaces and environmental design. 

Even something as simple as poor wayfaring in your store, or poor navigation on your website can detract from your business enough that customers , stop returning to you as a trusted service. 

Great design instills pride in your employees, giving them confidence in the company they are a part of and helping to promote.

5. Keep customers and win new ones!

With excellent graphic design helping you to become a memorable, business which customers remember for all the right reasons and build trust. Your visual identity is distinctive and descriptive, and consistent imagery and messaging to your customers, through a large number of avenues means that when they are looking for a product or service that you offer, your business will immediately come to mind. With this winning combination of expert graphic design creating great memories and trust between customers and service providers, customers will come back again and again. 

Perhaps you have already got the foundations of a visual identity and are looking to redefine it or consolidate on it, or maybe you are starting from scratch. Whatever stage your business is at in developing its visual presence in the marketplace we would love to help!

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