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A New Website Launch for Bast Inc

Designing and developing a website to promote their pharmacometric consultancy services

Another Happy Customer!

Here at CWS we always get excited to see the delivery of any project. Whether that is the fulfilment of some printed marketing collateral, the delivery of a web app or the launch of a new website! This week we launched, a redesigned and updated website showcasing the pharmacometric consultancy services of they offer.

The importance of client research 

Before beginning our work for Bast inc I don’t think any member of our team could have explained what pharmacometric consultancy was. One of the delights of agency work is that we get to learn about sectors from those who are most passionate about them. We make it our business to understand and learn, because out of that information we can create the most relevant and great user experiences (UX). For those unsure about what pharmacometrics are however, Bast inc works to help their clients make informed decisions through data modelling and simulation in the development of pharmaceuticals.

Bast Website

Urgently in need of an update and instant improvements

With a proven track record of reliability and effective communication with their past and current clients Bast Inc had a great reputation. However their old website lacked the clarity and consistency present in their work. They needed a professional site which explained exactly what types of modelling and simulation work they could provide to prospective clients and one that looked the part. It also needed to work inline with the new branding we developed for them ahead of embarking on their web project. The consistency created would give them greater coherency and professionalism across their channels of communications with prospective clients.

Knowing that their old site was pretty unhelpful Bast Inc felt it was important to update their old site as quickly as possible. It turned out that the past year ended up being far busier for the pharmaceutical sector then many of us could have ever imagined. As Bast Inc worked to assist companies throughout the pandemic, our web design and development team were able to provide an immediate holding site with essential information and a bespoke contact form. This ensured that Bast Inc were not left in limbo or with their other undesirable website that didn’t match their newly updated brand, whilst their efforts throughout the pandemic meant that the redesign had to take a back seat.

Home Page

Clear designs and content for a complex field

Given the importance of their work, we are delighted to help Bast Inc attract more traffic and raise their profile. Our clean and professional design uses graphics influenced from data modelling to add points of interest and visual clues for the more in depth service descriptions.

The inclusion of bespoke icons and an interactive explanation of how Bast Inc works with their clients, helps to make a complex field of study, more accessible.

Our Process

The road ahead

At CWS, our clients’ wins are our wins, and our clients’ losses are our losses. That's why we are so thrilled when we get to celebrate a launch, but it’s also why our working relationship doesn’t stop with delivery. We create easy to manage and technically sound websites that should solve issues rather than present them, but with time there will always be updates and changes that may reach beyond the initial specification of any website. We are pleased to announce the launching of and look forward to working with them again in the future.

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