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Building your own original identity

Original Brand Creation

Your brand encapsulates every aspect of your organisation. It is the thread which is at the core of all your decision making and should be central to how your are perceived both internally and externally. Every brand is as unique and specialised as the company it represents, and so this is why at CWS we collaborate with you to understand your business fully.

Brand Strategy

The first step to branding success is to work out a comprehensive brand strategy. We work with you to create a comprehensive roadmap for systematic development of your brand in alignment with your business strategy. Branding should not only help you to achieve your goals, but also help to define those goals. Our brand strategy service will help to create a clear plan, gathering all the relevant information on your business and your target user through user research, in order to define your brand identity long before any costly design work or investment in implementation happens.

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Refreshing and Refocusing Your Brand

Perhaps you are a well established company. You know your market and your next step, but your branding; which at one time did the job, is no longer what you need. We can help!

CWS will evaluate your current branding in order to pinpoint its successes and failures. We will explore new marketing avenues and approaches whilst not ignoring your hard won wisdom to create a complete strategy that will help you reach your next target. We will develop clear style guides so it is easy and clear how your brand can be best applied across your business.

Flexible Branding with Room for Growth

Are you starting up a new exciting business, or working on a new ambitious project. Establishing a strong brand identity that communicates your goal to your users early can help you gain a foothold and make a great first impression. We hope to start out with you, developing a scalable brand which has the potential to grow with you as your business grows, from a flexible starting point that works for a variety of applications and platforms. With a strong brand as a foundation you can build a well thought through business with clear consistent guidelines for future endeavours.

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