Creating Original Brands

Your brand is not just a logo, it is who you are, and we want to help you define that. When engineered well a brand is a powerful and significant means to connect with your customers. It has impact on and is considered in every  single part of the business,

CWS can collaborate with you to understand your business and build your identity. We care about listening to you and your target market to understand what makes you unique. Whatever level of service you require, whether you are a startup or a well established company in need of a refresh, we can find an individual visual language to help make future interaction with clients or users consistent, authentic and recognisable.

Refreshing and Refocusing Your Brand

Perhaps you are a well established company. You know your market and your next step, but your branding; which at one time did the job, is no longer what you need. We can help!

CWS will evaluate your current branding in order to pinpoint its successes and failures. We will explore new marketing avenues and approaches whilst not ignoring your hard won wisdom to create a complete strategy that will help you reach your next target. We will develop clear style guides so it is easy and clear how your brand can be best applied across your business.

Flexible Branding with Room for Growth

Are you starting up a new exciting business, or working on a new ambitious project. Establishing a strong brand identity that communicates your goal to your users early can help you gain a foothold and make a great first impression. We hope to start out with you, developing a scalable brand which has the potential to grow with you as your business grows,  from a flexible starting point that works for a variety of applications and platforms. With a strong brand as a foundation you can build a well thought through business with clear consistent guidelines for future endeavours.

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Our Approach

1. Research

Every project requires a solid foundation. We don’t want to assume anything, so at this stage we ask as many questions as possible to get a full understanding of what our client wants to accomplish.

Focusing on their business goals, mission, values and brand equity; competing brands; and their intended audience, we want to build a detailed picture of the problem before developing a solution.

2. Outline

Once we have clarified the problem and have a detailed understanding of the range of factors affecting it, we define a statement of intent. This provides clear direction for the project and lays out the expectations of each party involved in the project.

The outline also acts as a gauge against which we can measure progress during the project as well as the success of the project’s final outcomes. Where elements have not been defined it is very difficult to measure success.

3. Create

With our comprehensive research completed and a clear outline of what we are looking to achieve defined, we get down to the creative work of developing a solution.

This involves an iterative approach of creating solutions and gaining helpful feedback to refine and hone them towards a final outcome, using our statement of intent to keep the work focused and on track.

4. Deliver

Depending on the type of service we are providing and the client we are working with, the delivery can vary from project to project. In all instances we make sure that the outcomes are measured against our initial statement of intent and client expectations.

A project is signed off once its objectives have been accomplished and agreed expectations have been met. This is always the exciting part of our work - to see it come to a successful conclusion and know that are clients are delighted with the result.

5. Support

We love to partner with our clients on a continual basis where this is possible to help them overcome challenges as they grow and develop. Our ongoing support involves strategic thinking beyond the end result of a project.

We actively identify the ways in which we can help our clients achieve their long-term business goals; keeping them informed of new developments in our industry that can help them to accomplish this.

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