An Effective, Comprehensive Brand for New Digital Care Product

The Client

Flocare is a digital product company with a simple mission: To create an easy-to-use social care management system that provides its customers with an incredible user experience.

They approached us looking for help in conveying this mission to their target audience by helping them to shape and define their brand identity.

Flocare Carer

Defining Brand Values

We start each branding project by asking lots of questions, finding out exactly what the goals and drive off a business are in order to define what values lie at the core of the organisation's identity. The drive and values behind any business are what shape how it acts and the decisions it makes. It directs any marketing targets and messaging; essential to a successful marketing campaign. 

Clearly defining which values Flocare wanted to portray gave us five foundation stones from which we could start to build a distinctive and compelling brand.

Flocare brand guidelines page concerning the logo construction

Flexible brand asset generation for digital applications

Modern logo design has to take into consideration all the ways in which a brand can be communicated in a digital world. With our experience in web and digital marketing, we ensure that these applications are built into every brand identity from the very beginning. 

Flocare’s brand identity was no different; designed to work across online applications, from the marketing website’s favicon to the various elements of each web page, and from social media profile images to trade event portal website assets. Incorporating clean, modern elements of both text and graphics in a comprehensive colour palette provided a cohesive and consistent visual language. The overall brand identity design included the definition of the marketing website design system and elements that will define future marketing campaigns as well.

Clear, practical brand guidance

A new brand identity only works well when paired with tools and guidance that define how it should be applied in real-life use cases, both online and offline. 

We developed brand guidelines that help the Flocare marketing team apply the brand and output assets across the social media channels, as well as add to the growing marketing website using the design system we established. It’s a living document that their internal design team are able to grow and develop to help support the company’s marketing activities.

Professional consistent design for a marketing website

The groundwork laid out in the initial branding design informed the design for Flocare’s effective, professional new marketing website. Bold shapes and bright, energetic colour patterns helped to create an engaging user interface. Clean and appealing, this application of the brand helped to convey Flocare’s friendly yet expert voice, helping to increase conversions and buy-in from potential customers.

Social Media Marketing template library

Our brand package for Flocare included several examples of branded templates to create visually consistent social media and ad campaigns for wider user engagement.

Ongoing digital marketing campaigns are a sure-fire way to engage a target audience, drive up conversion rates, and generate leads or revenue for a digital product. For Flocare these campaigns are targeted to drive traffic to the marketing website and ultimately grow product sign-ups.

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