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What are the Benefits of paid Google Ads?

The number of Google users worldwide is nearly four billion. When we consider the fact that there are almost 4.39 billion internet users, that is a huge audience to tap into. The power of google in undeniable and there is a range of approaches to generating more traffic and interest in your business through this search engine. On of the most talked about yet intimidating to the uninitiated is paid google advertising. We can help your business take advantage of this marketing channel and advise you on how google ads can help you to increase your reach and generate new leads through an increase in relevant qualified traffic.

Google Ads are paid for advertisements which show at the top of Google's search engine results pages (SERPs). They are a way of engaging specific users in order to convert them to traffic to your site and viable leads. By selecting the correct keywords we can increase your quality score, ensuring a great return on investment (ROI) from your digital marketing. By creating ad campaigns around relevant queries and keywords we can help drive relevant website traffic up and reduce your website’s bounce rate. 

With targeted advertising we can help ensure that revenue spent on your adverts is not being wasted on views from the wrong audience. Using insights and analytics from google to inform our digital marketing strategy we can help increase sales and revenue through your site.

London Brogues – British by Design

London Brogues

online sales increase

Using a mixed strategy of paid ads, search engine optimisation and email marketing, we helped increase DTC sales for this UK-based shoe manufacturer.

Our approach to Google Ad Campaigns

Each of our clients are different and work across a range of sectors. Whilst this means that the target audience and the messaging of your marketing campaign may differ, we have found the following approach is a tried and tested strategy for getting the best results from your Google ad campaigns. 

Strategy and Planning 

It is most likely that any google ad strategy will form part of your wider digital marketing strategy. Therefore any planning for google ads will start by increasing our understanding to make sure decisions are data driven. By creating a clear strategy through exploring prior successes and areas for growth we can increase return on investment (ROI) by negating trial and error or waste. A good strategy will have a clear framework, a timeline for creation and implementation and targets, with quantifiable outcomes we can measure to show what’s been achieved.

Audience and Development

A key benefit of google as measured above is the sheer number of users of it’s platform and how diverse these users are. This can cut both ways however as we do not want to waste revenue on users who are not viable leads. Whilst a vast array of demographics are accessible through google we need to be tailoring our keywords, location specification and landing pages to fit the needs of your target market.

By using Google's own too analytics and other professional tools we can conduct user research into your target audience. This information can then direct us as to where campaigns should focus on, which landing pages may need tweaking to improve engagement and what descriptions are going to get the right users clicking.

Implementation and Optimisation

Once we have established a strategy and for your organisation , we will be able start implementing your campaign. As with any digital project, because of the fast paced nature of online marketing implementation is often an ongoing process. With every campaign we will increase our ability to gain insights into the performance of your ads, what works best and creates the most engagement and how we can generate more clicks. We can apply this knowledge to optimise each campaign further.

Measuring, Evaluating and Reporting

As progress from your google ads may initially be gradual, it’s important that we keep tracking any patterns as they start to yield results. Being informed of your successes and what has had the most impact on your users' behaviour helps to inform future business decisions. A clear record of the impact of google ads, justifies your expenditure and outlines your ROI to investors or key stakeholders. As part of our service we will deliver and interpret key analytics to show where our actions have helped you to meet your goals.

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