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Email Marketing Service

Designing beautiful and effective email campaigns

Email marketing is a great way to engage with your audience and grow your business. So many people now receive emails on their mobile devices, so your marketing can instantly and inexpensively make its way into your target markets pocket. Done well, it’s an effective means of connecting with your customers and sending them helpful and valuable information and offers. Creating a loyal following of customers who love your brand and love your products. Done badly it can become one more email sadly confined to the spam folder. We believe that good email marketing is worth investing in and that our comprehensive email design and email marketing strategy service will help give you the edge over your competitors.

Email Marketing Platforms

We have worked with a number of different email platforms including MailChimp and Campaign Monitor. We can create email templates within these platforms in order to generate professional and polished email campaigns with ease, on platforms which give you easy and inexpensive oversight and will securely manage your contacts. This makes sure that the privacy both of your organisation and your customers is protected and in keeping with Data Protection.

Email Marketing Strategy

Email marketing is immediate and accessible to your organisation and your target audience, but as such your emails will be competing against a whole host of marketing collateral. At CWS we will help create an effective email marketing strategy. This will make sure that you have regular impact and contact with your customers and help you stand out to your clients without becoming overbearing or an irritation. It is unlikely that you will see a huge return on your very first piece of email marketing, but by emphasising interesting and exciting content and nurturing your leads through consistent contact you will soon see your investment grow.

Content Creation

Email Marketing is about so much more than product promotion and the hard sell. With the help of our content creators you can ensure that every penny you spend on campaign creation will work to get the most value. Content which is poorly planned and rush can unfortunately find your emails consigned to the spam folder very quickly, this is ultimately a waste of time and money! By including content from across your other strategic digital marketing such as social media and SEO content such as blogs, you will be recycling and attracting more viewers to content that will engage, educate and excite your users and customers. Our team creates content which captures and communicates your brand voice and identity. By creating buy-in from your users and customers into your brand values, you will foster brand loyalty and excitement which will ultimately create more leads and sales.

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