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The Importance of Social Media Marketing

With social media managing to capture the attention of over 2 billion people every day, it’s a valuable digital marketing channel you can’t afford to ignore. Whether your potential customers are sharing pics on Instagram, liking someone’s Facebook post, or scrolling through hashtags on twitter, each platform presents an opportunity to communicate your brand, increase your reach and generate new leads. This  new avenue of marketing shows no evidence of becoming less looming in the field of digital advertisement and so let us help you connect and interact with the right people for your organisation.

Setting Goals through a Social Media Audit

At CWS we always start by learning more about you, your company and the sector in which you operate. We want to understand how we can help you best, and how we can help you stand out from your competitors. Once we have established your existing social media presence we can work with you to define your objectives and goal so we can track your progress effectively. We then can draw up a bespoke social media strategy for you.

Meaningful Engagement through Social Media Strategy

Once we have collated information about your business through our social media audit, we then use social media analytics and customer personas to understand the best times to post content to your social media platforms. From this we will create a clear plan of immediately achievable changes to your platforms and a longer term strategy which will increase your users engagement, and traffic to your website. Alongside our new strategy we will use reporting tools in order to track progress within the new strategy. This will enable us to see what is working well and what areas may need adjusting. Any new social media strategy relies on a small measure of experimentation, which is why we prioritise the biggest changes first and work with you over time to get the best results.

Social media Community Management 

It may be that you are happy to manage your own social media and just needed a steer and some advice from us before bringing all your marketing in house, or it may be that you aren’t quite sure how you are going to implement the strategy we suggest. We are able to manage social media profiles on behalf of our clients in order to help keep the content fresh, consistent and on track. By creating original posts, sourcing great content and picking up on the latest trends we will help keep your social media interesting.  As we build strategies ourselves we will already have a good idea of what will resonate with your audience. As brand experts ourselves we know that consistent messaging, quality branded content and reputation management are key elements to communicating your business on social media.

Social Media Optimisation

In addition to creating original content, we can also advise on additional ways to optimise your profiles. Whether it is advising on how you can improve workflow through scheduled posts or more technical skills we can help you get the very best return on your investments. It may be that you need help to utilise paid for ads. Paying for social advertising helps to boost your regular posts to a wider audience. By utilising accurate targeting methods, we can make sure your ads are reaching likely leads who can convert to new customers. It could be that you need to link your profile to an online store and integrate with your product listings. We have the technical expertise and ability to fully advise and shape all elements of your social media so that it is working the best way it can for your business.

Take your social media to higher levels of engagement

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Social Media Reporting

As mentioned already, gaining traction and seeing results in digital marketing is an ongoing journey. In order to celebrate your successes and map your growth journey we provide detailed reports which show how your time and money is being spent and the effect it is having. We can provide these reports weekly or monthly, and will tailor them to ensure they are taking into account the specific goals and targets set out within your strategy. This is a real help in feeding back your company or organisation's successes to key stakeholders and helps to clearly show return on investment.

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