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Social Media Marketing: Why is it important?

With social media capturing the attention of over 2 billion people every day, it’s a valuable digital marketing channel you can’t afford to ignore. 

Whether your users are sharing stories on Instagram, liking someone’s Facebook post, or scrolling through hashtags on twitter, each platform presents an opportunity to communicate your brand, increase your reach and generate new leads. 

Social media marketing shows no sign of becoming less looming in the field of digital marketing and so let us help you to make use of it. We can help audit, consult, instruct or create for you. Whatever your social media questions, we can help provide some answers.

Social Media Auditing to Help Set Goals

At CWS we start any project by getting to know you and your business. We want to learn if you are already using social media already and if yes which platforms are you active on. 

By learning what you do well already and where there is room for growth we can understand how we can help you best, and how we can help you to stand out from your competitors. 

Once we have established the extent and success of your existing social media presence we will deliver a report of recommendations and realistic goals  and key performance indicators (KPIs) to work towards.

Social Media Strategy to Drive Engagement

A social media audit creates a firm foundation to build on and clear goals for success. But meeting those goals requires a plan. This is where a social media strategy is key. 

As with any creative process, clear, structured planning makes implementation easier, faster and less stressful. We can help build a clear action plan, taylored to you and your needs. 

We will outline the quick wins which will make the most difference in the short term, and also a longer term pattern of posting, which will increase your users engagement, and traffic to your website.

Our digital marketing team can work to integrate your short form social media content with long form SEO content on your site, to give you a fully joined up approach to Social media marketing. 

Using insights from analytics, we can identify the best times to post, where to focus your energy and content. We can implement and educate your team on how to create fresh, fun content that will drive traffic to your site and raise your brand profile.

Any new social media strategy relies on a small measure of experimentation, which is why we prioritise the biggest changes first and work with you over time to get the best results.

Social Media Consultation

It may be that you are happy to manage your own social media, but would like the opportunity to pick our brains on how best to plan each month's content and in building your long term strategy. 

Our Social media consulting service can help you work in house to build your social media, saving costs on content creation and management, whilst benefiting from our expert wisdom and experience. Through skill building and education we can partner with yo, empowering your team to make great, varied content.

Whether it is advising on how you can improve workflow through scheduled posts or ideas to avoid content fatigue, our social media experts can help you face any challenges from month to month.

Management and Content Creation 

It could be that you are feeling overwhelmed at the thought of implementing a social media strategy. We are able to manage social media profiles on behalf of our clients in order to help keep the content fresh, consistent and on track. 

By creating original posts, sourcing great content and picking up on the latest trends we will help keep your social media exciting and engaging for your users.

As brand experts ourselves we know that consistent messaging, quality branded content and reputation management are key elements to communicating your business on social media. With our professional finish, we can ensure that your content is on brand and high quality.

Social Media Optimisation Through Paid Ads

In addition to creating original content, we can explore extending your reach through social media advertising. Paying for social advertising helps to boost your regular posts to a wider audience. 

By utilising accurate targeting methods, we can make sure your ads are reaching likely leads who can convert to new customers. It could be that you need to link your profile to an online store and integrate with your product listings. 

We have the technical expertise and ability to fully advise and shape all elements of your social media so that it is working the best way it can for your business.

Take your social media to higher levels of engagement

We will analyse your social media profiles and send you a FREE report including handful of simple tips to help you improve your Social Media Marketing.

Thanks for requesting our free social media audit. Our team will get onto this over the next few days and will be email you with your report.

Social Media Reporting and Analytics

As mentioned already, gaining traction and seeing results in digital marketing is an ongoing journey. In order to celebrate your successes and map your growth journey we provide detailed reports which show how your time and money is being spent and the effect it is having. 

We can provide these reports weekly or monthly, and will tailor them to ensure they are taking into account the specific goals and targets set out within your strategy. 

This is a real help in feeding back your company or organisation's successes to key stakeholders and helps to clearly show return on investment.

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