Litle Tulip Shop

A New Brand Identity Application for Little Tulip

The Little Tulip Shop has been an active e-commerce website for a number of years. It is a dedicated retailer of the iconic Tulip tables and chairs based on the 1955 designs of Eero Saarinen.

The Challenge

Little Tulip Shop approached CWS for help creating a new care package, both for new customers purchasing their marble tables and as separate additional products to sell through their site. In addition to creating clear care instructions to enhance this quality product, we were asked to update the brand identity to bring their store up to date.

Brand identity mock up

Our Strategy 

Given that any new branding would inform the final design of the care package it was important to explore the changes to this first. Our client wanted a more modern, minimalist design. In addition to that they wanted to shorten their name to ‘Little Tulip’.

We explored a range of concepts based on simple stylised tulip designs with modern typography. On receiving feedback from Little Tulip we then refined their chosen concept of a simplified tulip mark using the Golden Ratio design principle to ensure simplicity, clarity and balance of the finalised logo mark.

As part of the brand redesign we revised the brand colours of Little Tulip, increasing the contrast to create darker text and a brighter, high impact primary colour.

We were then able to move onto application of this new brand identity to the care package.

process of refining a logo
The process of refining a chosen concept

The Results

The final new marble table care pack included a small postcard sized instruction booklet alongside a number of cleaning and care products. In order to pair with the discrete modernist feel of the tables the design of these was clean and modern with separate cards held together on a silver chain.

Our designers continued the paired back style of the tulip logo mark into the design of icons to simply and easily illustrate the different steps of caring for the tables. Each card was of course branded with the new logo and colour scheme to create a professional and cohesive finished booklet.

The care package helped keep focus on adding value to the end user by helping them to enjoy their new product for longer by protecting it and extending its life. It also added an incentive to buy as despite having a retail cost of £49.99 a free care package was included in every table purchase. This meant that our design helped to provide a great customer experience which reflected well on the care and consideration our client showed towards their customers.

Little Tulip Care Instructions

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