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Adoptd Clothing are an ethical clothing brand with two distinct purposes:

  1. To create great clothing responsibly.
  2. To bring transformation to children and young people's lives.

They have a range of simple printed t-shirts and hoodies, supplied by factories committed to protecting the rights of the men and women working for them and who are dedicated to reducing their environmental footprint.

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Adoptd Clothing is a small operation and it was necessary to get the online store set up quickly and inexpensively. There was also the potential for the company to sell off-line at events and through premises directly to the end consumer.

With a range of garments that vary in design, size and colour, the online store needed to be capable of easily accommodating these variants on the admin side of the site, whilst retaining an ease with which the customer can select and purchase the items.

With the dual focus of the company—to sell clothing and highlight and support the lives of children/young people in need—the website needed to be able to include content and information additional to the product store.


We used Shopify as an e-commerce platform upon which to build the Adoptd Clothing site. By incorporating a custom designed theme we were able to accommodate all the requirements of the client, including managing the product variations, creating blog and additional page templates through which to add non-marketplace content.

The benefit of using the Shopify platform is that they take care of payment processing through Stripe and include a powerful and fully featured checkout process, with an admin area that makes managing the online store very easy.

Shopify also has POS tools and apps available that allow customers to purchase items in person using a card reader and app to take payments. This was perfect for the various events that Adoptd Clothing attend and sell at.

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What is Shopify?

Shopify is a complete commerce platform that lets you start, grow, and manage a business. Read more about how we can help you getting started with Shopify here.

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