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Branding for is an e-commerce site specialising in selling a range of interesting and sought after vintage items. We were approached to create their brand identity including a matching set of category icons for their website.

Brand names that include a domain address can be a challenge. Names needs to clearly identify the domain at the same time as being easily readable.

After researching vintage typefaces that include a number of weights we created a number of concepts. The finalised logo uses two weights of Baskerville to distinguish between the two parts of the name and Gill Sans for the domain extension.

Vintage Design Logo Initial Concepts

We experimented with a variety of shapes and patterns associated with the the Mid Century Modern aesthetic before exploring the distinctive shape of the Isamu Noguchi table design. The logo is simple but representative of the era and versatile to cover the breadth of items and designs that are sold through the website.

The initial focus of the website will be predominantly furniture and the accompanying icons that we designed have this focus.

Vintage Design Logo Concepts
Vintage Design Category Icons

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