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Eames.com Branding and Visual Identity

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Eames.com is a global online marketplace and platform where users can buy and sell authentic, vintage Eames designs. CWS has been involved in the Eames.com journey from the initial business concept.

As well as working closely on the visual identity and brand strategy, we also designed, developed and delivered the web platform, and are involved with its ongoing development.

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Branding a new business

Eames.com was just an idea in the mind of one of our clients when they approached us to help them. With only the concept for the business, they needed help creating the brand and developing the visual communications to enable them to launch and begin to grow the business from scratch.

Eames Com Branding And Visual Identity 02 Wordmarks

Wordmarks work

Our starting point was based on the reality that any brand identity would serve as a backdrop to the iconic designs (mainly furniture) of Ray and Charles Eames. With this in mind we approached the creation of the Eames.com logo with the intent it should be resolved purely as a wordmark, without any integrated visual mark.

Our intent was that the wordmark should have a connection with the Mid-century Modern era typography synonymous with Eames designs and be strong enough to balance—and at the same time—complement their well known furniture and other items, which would feature front and centre across the online platforms and at various trade fairs and exhibitions.

We explored various typefaces representative of that era, and looked at how they fared mocked up both online and in print contexts, helping the client choose a wordmark that is bold, both in weight and style.

Eames Com Branding And Visual Identity 03 Colours

Classic colours

With a back catalogue of products featuring a rich colour palette, Eames furniture designs provided the basis for a colour scheme for the Eames.com branding. We incorporated bold, bright and fun swatches set against more muted but no less iconic accent colours. The primary colour featured in the Eames.com branding is a variation of the Eames red orange—a classic colour featured across moulded fibreglass chairs dating back to the 1950s.

Eames Com Branding And Visual Identity 04 Illustrations

Illustrations and icons

With the main context within which the Eames.com branding features being the online marketplace platform we developed, we were able to supplement the brand identity with an enormous range of Eames inspired illustrations of the designs. As well as featuring within the unique wiki pages of Eames.com, these illustrations also serve to provide custom background patterns both online and in printed marketing materials, extending the brand visually through a flexible design system.

Additional custom icons were designed and developed into a web icon font, which features extensively throughout the Eames.com online platform.

Eames Com Branding And Visual Identity 05 Creative Direction

Creative direction

CWS worked with the client to art direct photography of Eames designs, working closely with the photographer to realise creative concepts that showcase these Eames furniture items. This photography formed the basis of the supplementary brand imagery used throughout the website and within print design marketing materials.

Eames Com Branding And Visual Identity 06 Marketing

Marketing in the real world

As well as the online presence of the Eames.com brand, we helped create solutions to promote the web marketplace at various trade fairs and exhibitions throughout Europe. With items of Eames furniture and designs featuring front and centre, the Eames.com branded elements for exhibition displays needed to complement and help showcase these pieces. Our solutions have created a strong brand presence for Eames.com, helping to elevate them above other exhibits and communicate their marketplace with potential sellers and buyers alike.

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