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Designing Packaging for Beverage Company POSCA


POSCA is an Austrian beverage company, and is developing a range of products around an ancient Roman drink recipe.

Having worked with POSCA to develop their branding, we have had the pleasure of developing the various packaging applications over the limited range of products POSCA is creating.

Our Approach

POSCA has several products, each aimed at a different market and each slightly different in their ingredients. They include both carbonated and still versions, canned and glass bottled.

Having defined each of the product offerings and their market positions, we worked with POSCA to develop a suitable packaging proposition for each.

The glass bottled product is a premium product offering and features a debossed and textured metallic front logo label, deluxe cardstock neck label and printed back informational labelling.

A slimline can product with a carbonated version of the drink is positioned for a high volume retail marketplace and competes against energy drinks on refreshment and taste.

A further, smaller can product is also being developed for the airline beverage market as a non-alcoholic refreshment.

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