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Vision to Visibility: Charity Rebranding for Greater Impact

The Mission

In today's information-saturated world, charities must cut through the noise to be seen and heard. Baca recognised this challenge and sought to enhance their visual identity to resonate with their strategic branding initiatives. Our mission was to create compelling and consistent visual communications that not only stand out but also authentically represent the charity and those it serves.

The Outcome

We reimagined Baca's visual identity, maintaining ties to their original logo's essence. Building on this foundation with a new logo and brand guidelines, we developed a comprehensive suite of visual tools, including a social media toolkit and a revamped website designed to engage supporters and strengthen connections.

The Impact

Our efforts have revitalised Baca's brand, earning positive feedback from stakeholders and the young people served by the charity, who were active participants in the transformation. The organisation now possesses robust communication tools to convey its message, engage existing supporters, attract new ones, and connect with a diverse audience.

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We are more than thrilled with the end result!

Sue Smout
Business Development Director
Baca Charity

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A Vision of Transformation for Baca

Headquartered in the town of Loughborough, Baca, an organisation deeply committed to the well-being of young people, found itself at a pivotal moment. With fresh funding fuelling their journey, they delved into a profound exploration of their core – their very reasons for existence. This introspective journey uncovered the profound impact of their work not only on the young lives they nurtured but also on the broader community tapestry. Yet, a challenge loomed: translating these strategic revelations into a visual identity that would resonate across diverse audiences, both familiar and uncharted.

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Baca's legacy was embedded in their old logo, a symbol that had garnered emotional resonance among their audience and the young people they served. However, the evolving aspirations of the organisation demanded a new visual language. One that would transcend conventional barriers and echo their expanding reach beyond Loughborough, a language that would mirror their ambition to effect monumental transformation.

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The Catalyst of Change

The winds of change began to stir when Baca, emboldened by their strategic realignment, saw an opportunity to reimagine their brand narrative. This was a chance to amplify their voice, to reach out with newfound clarity to those who needed to hear their story the most.

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Navigating the Tides of Transformation

In the heart of Baca's operations, the visual communications team grappled with the limitations of the existing visual identity. They were limited without the right toolkit, yearning to bring the organisation's redefined strategic vision to life. The entire leadership, brimming with enthusiasm, faced a conundrum. They had the vision but lacked the ability to bring this new identity to fruition.

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Baca's old logo, once a beacon of hope and identity, now felt misaligned with their renewed purpose. The emotional ties to this historic emblem were strong, creating a palpable tension between the comfort of the known and the promise of the new. The challenge was Immense: crafting a new identity that would honour the past while boldly stepping into the future.

Embracing a Bold New Identity

The journey took an unexpected turn when, through collaborative discussions, the idea of reimagining the logomark surfaced. Initially, it was but a distant thought, overshadowed by other visual elements. Yet, it swiftly grew into a beacon of transformation. Baca, inspired by our guidance, decided to leap into the unknown, to fully embrace a comprehensive visual identity overhaul. This was more than a rebrand; it was a rebirth.

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Weaving a Tapestry of Consensus

The path to unveiling this new identity was labyrinthine, marked by the diverse voices of stakeholders – from trustees to the youth Baca championed. Our role was to distil these myriad perspectives into a coherent vision, arming the leadership with tools to champion this new identity. The process was as much about listening and understanding as it was about creation.

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A New Dawn for Baca

Today, Baca stands rejuvenated, donning a brand identity that captures the essence of their legacy while propelling them into new realms of possibility. Their new website is not just a digital space; it’s a narrative hub that speaks eloquently of their mission and the lives they touch. Their visual communications toolkit is no longer a constraint but a canvas to portray their impactful stories.

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The organisation has broken free from the shackles of its old identity, now able to communicate its core values with newfound vigour. They connect with kindred spirits and enlighten others about the plight of the young lives they shape. This is not just a fulfilled goal; it's a transcended expectation. Baca now stands equipped, not just with a new brand identity, but with a powerful arsenal to extend their reach and magnify their impact in the world.

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We needed new branding which would represent the young people we support, their energy, celebrating their culture, and diversity. At Baca we often speak about being a family, and the logo represents a community of young people, side by side in their journeys to heal, and thrive in life, with some of the patterns and colours reflecting their cultures.

The creativity and commitment from CWS in helping us to explore how we incorporate our values, uniqueness and energy as a charity was brilliant. We are more than thrilled with the end result and we believe the new branding and website reflect who Baca and the young people are perfectly.

Thank you Paul and Euan for all of your help with such a supportive service and helping us to relaunch our fantastic new branding and website!

Sue Smout

Business Development Director, Baca Charity

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