How to Get the Most Value from Your Digital Content


Rach Brind-Surch

2nd June 2021

Digital content is an incredible flexible marketing medium that can help businesses across every sector. Increasingly businesses are finding that their customers are reaching them through online platforms. This makes it essential to online marketing and becomes a key part of your marketing strategy. Content creation can help you increase your reach, through affordable and sustainable means which takes few resources to create then other marketing methods. It’s important to make sure that all this great content is making every penny work through sharing across multiple platforms.

What Do We Mean by Content and Why is it Important?

Content refers to any element which is added to your website. This could be text, imagery and video or interactive elements. A website without content is just an empty husk. It’s the reason for your users to visit your site so it needs to be engaging and original. 

It is important to really consider your content from both user experience and SEO to help generate more traffic organically. Giving the users relevant content effectively informs search engines like Google that your site is giving the users what they want. Having a good balance of technically good and keyword rich SEO content, with readable and interesting content is the goal, and it’s where we can help. 

Often when a company first launches their site, the focus is on design, with essential content to the functionality of the site being prioritised. There is nothing wrong with this cost saving approach, however you will quickly want to consider expanding the content to attract a wider market and improve your ranking.

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What We Consider when Creating Content

As part of our digital marketing, we work to write and improve content that considers several important factors to drive up your traffic and optimise content for search engines. As already discussed, using keywords can be a great way to achieve this but too many keywords can quickly become disengaging. The best content is entertaining as well as searchable. Legibility is important as well as the subject of your content. This can be achieved both through the copy itself and the overall design.

We work with clients to improve their product descriptions or webpages to better describe services and inform customers. This can be achieved by either improving the page design or writing copy which captures your brand voice and identity to relate to your target audience. We can also offer a copywriting service for original article and social media posts concerning your sector. This will keep your content current, active and relevant. By creating content that taps into current trends you can capture new users, but we also include articles and information that will stand the test of time, making sure that we are building content that will deliver month after month and year after year.

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Content Fit for Social Media

With all this effort and research, it would be a crime to keep it just to your website. That is why we are sure to consider how we can use created content across your social media marketing strategy and email marketing campaigns. A single blog post can be included in your monthly newsletter and shared across multiple social media accounts. No matter your business, you should be considering your social media presence, and with its fast-paced presence on the web it can feel a chore to keep track of all your feeds and keep them fresh to get the shares and likes that will make it feel worthwhile. The beauty of truly well-made web content is that it can be used across multiple accounts with very little additional work, so that your content is reaching the maximum number of people and engaging through several channels. 

If you would like to talk to us about how your website content could work better for you, we would love to hear from you. Our Marketing team can explore where the gap in your current content is and how we can increase its value for your business.

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